History of Maripipi

Maripipi is one of the eight towns of Biliran Province. It is an island-municipality province. It was named after Maria and Pepe who were believed to be the first settlers of the island-municipality. They were followed by the people of Samar, Masbate, and other neighboring provinces.

Being an island-municipality, it has been a constant prey to roving pirates and bandits. Its existense dates back during the Spanish Regime in the Philippines, alcades and mayores. They assumed their office by election or appointment.

With the coming of the Americans, and Spaniards losing hold of the island, Maripipi was fused with Almeria and Kawayan with the former being seat of the Municipal Goveernment. Later, a civil government was organized by the American colonizers. The seat of Government was transferred to Kawayan which us geographically nearer to Maripipi and Almeria. Maripipi and Almeria became barrios of Kawayan.

In 1915, with the people’s clamor for Philippine self-government, Maripipi became an independent town, and Mr. Victoriano Salas was the first appointed Municipal President.

On May 11, 1992, throug a Plebiscite with the majority votes, Biliran became a full pledge Province separated from the mainland of Leyte Province and Maripipi is now part of the Province of Biliran.

The foundation of this barrio dates back in the year 1765. This barrio was previously called Isla De Rosa . In previous years the houses in the barrio were razed by fire in such a way that all the residents left the place. Only after five years had passed that a group of settlers returned and settled in the said island once again. It was also known that in 1768, the Moros that holed-in in the Sitio called Guihum of the Province of Masbate, once a week attacked Maripipi.

Being full of deprivations caused by the ravages of the Moros, the people agreed to wage war against the enemies. In Sitio Awang, the inhabitants dug up a trap of some nine feet deep and covered with bamboo leaves as a camouflage for the purpose of capturing the individual Moros. With this idea, the were able to kill fifteen Moros, and the rest ran away after the bloody fight staged but the inhabitants. In order that they maybe able to protect themeselves from the attack of the Moros, they built a bulwark to serve as a watch tower( lantawan ) in Ermita. This bulwark was guarded by warriors, among them were Capitanes valle, Radam, Rosanto, Toraldo, Florentino, Gahodo, and Ignacio curut.

The island was enclosed with rough terrain. its shores likewise but short by the rampaging wave of the sea in the East and Northeast. The principal mountain of this island superior to the cement used was taken from powdered burned shells an wood mixed with other ingredients.

Way back in 1860, Maripipi was a town located at Danao (present name of barangay) up to 1870. In 1871, it was transferred to Daan Bungto. two kilometers away from seashore. This was located at the Mount Borobatidor, present weathervane af Maripipi.

The town was established at this site to safeguard the populace from the fierce Moros at the time who looted houses near the shore and captured men, women and children for their trade to Borneo. In 1899, Maripipi became a barrio of Kawayan and later in 1915 became a town again, composed of eight(8) barrios namel; Ermitam Binalayan, Burabod, Viga, Agutay, Danao, Bantas, and Binongto-an.

Maripipi island has four(4) anchorage. Two of these are located in the Poblacion (Ermita and Binongtoan) and the other two were located in Barangay Binalayan East and West. During low tide, motorboat took up position offshore. Its shores were clear and steep-to. Cliff details shows the shores to be approachable with the least depth of 10 fathoms at a distance of more than a quarter oa a mile offshore.

Population of Maripipi was 6,934 as of 1990 census. The most populated barangay was Ermita with total of 934 inhabitants and the least populated barangay was Trabugan with a total of 188 inhabitats. The first Cura Parroco was Father Fernando Pardo in 1874 to 1897.

Legend of Maripipi

Legend has it that the island is a tomb of Maria and Pepe, two lovers. The parents of Maria were against Pepe. Having eloped against the parents’ wishes, the irate father of Maria scoured the four corners of Leyte with a flotilla of bancas in search of the lovers. After a long and arduous search, the flotilla found the lovers in this unchartered island dead by their own hands.

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    • G
      G says:

      Biliran’s not cheap or ugly for not having Starbucks or a decent mall. Urbanization isn’t the thing that makes Biliran beautiful; the numerous beaches, falls, etc, do. The locals here are pretty nice, too. Clearly you haven’t been strolling around. 🙂

    • millet
      millet says:

      f*ck.u Jennifer. be thankful u were not burried alive by the ugly.people.. If.i saw you.there i’ll gonna chop chop.your flesh and make bait.for the shark. At.least.our monkeys there.are friendly tban.you.

    • Teodora Radam
      Teodora Radam says:

      It seems your lost lady in your wildest dreams.Luckily no lion came to eat you up.I was thinking have you lost your sanity?For your information,this is just an island in fact almost an islet where you can go swimming and enjoy the beautiful beaches.This place is not meant for shopping.It’s all about mountains and beaches where you can relax and enjoy.You go shopping in Paris,in UK or any other place that has a branded thing or known for a shopping hub.You are a big stupid, somewhat looking for a tuna on top of a mountains. God created this place for us perfectly and even your footstool are not even worthy.Never look down on Gods creation because it’s abominable. Halt,it might be your total distraction.

    • Ms E
      Ms E says:

      It maybe ugly in your eyes but the island is beautiful to me and to the rest of many who appreciates nature and serenity.
      Why would you visit our beautiful island if you can’t get away from the city life? Its a matter of choice each individual makes in their life to relax and chill out.
      Sounds like you don’t know yourself and you make a lot of bad choices.
      I grew up in Maripipi and now lives in Australia… but i always long and want to go back and spend my whole vacation time there. That Jennifer is a time well spent!
      The island of Maripipi is so way, way much more beautiful than you.
      If you can’t say anything nice though… just shut it girl. You are offending a lot of people.
      Shows what kind of upbringing you had.

    • bruce weber
      bruce weber says:

      Beautiful Province and Beautiful People. We are soooooo happy you only came here once. The less ugly tourist the better. Don’t really care if you don’t like it. The sparse population could not and would not support a Mall or a Starbucks. Do not want them either. For if these stores arrive, they would only attract more Ugly tourists. Don’t want that either!

  1. Bruce
    Bruce says:

    To Tourist Jennifer who says Biliran Island is ugly and so are its inhabitants.
    Let’s all chip in and buy her a pair of glasses. Bruce

    By the way, my wife from Biliran wants to buy about 1,000 s.m. of agro-land for rice.
    Should be on or near the west coast and closer to Biliran town. If you ave a lead please email me at
    Bruceareznik2 @ gmail.com. Salamat.

  2. melody
    melody says:

    Jennifer, never go back to our hometown because you never been a tourist but a social high class. A tourist is an adventurer, a soul searcher, a nature lover. Once a tourist, you should know how to learn and appreciate the new things, place, people you’ve meet along the way. Stay where you are.

  3. Arnold
    Arnold says:

    I’ve been on that place sometime ago and it was amazing, I was amazed by that dog that was stringed at a small branch of tree… Why? Because his f@#@$@ d#$! was in a rampage after he’s done f#$#$ my father in law’s neighbours little cute pussy cat that was strolling around… It was an astounding moment to spectate that kind of hilarious situation… It was a big regret on me why I did not take its videos and share it to all of you guys.. It happened in a flash which is why I have no time to think for it no more.. That place was so.amazing specially those bitches that was all over on thàt area.. Of course I mean it’s beaches all around on that province most especially… that sambawan island it was so beautiful. What I felt when I was on that Beach before.. I felt not to let go of something that you already possess, I was captivated by its beauty, by its magnificent scenery, by the heart pounding pretty girls that was around.. Thank you so much for reminding me this and to commemorate.. I’m looking forward on seeing this beautiful province again, for me… it was truly a relaxing place.. For you reading this.. Thank you for your time.. Don’t forget to add this magnificent island on the top of your lists where to go and enjoy your vacation most especially this coming summer.. I will assure you that you will never regret it.. You will become a believer also like me..

  4. Friend of Simon
    Friend of Simon says:

    Have the murderers of New Zealander, Simon Rawlinson from Marapipi been caught yet? They need to look at a jilted lover. ..ironic given the history of Marapipi.

  5. Habagat Blues
    Habagat Blues says:

    Snail Justice. What’s frustrating to the average Filipino citizen like me is the unreliability of the meting of justice in our country.

    Cases take forever to resolve. And when they are resolved, they’re often dismissed in favor of the sued culprit.


  6. Demetria
    Demetria says:

    Jennifer, you are just proving you are an ignorant person to expect “MALLS”
    in small towns and islands. You should appreciate all the natural beauty of the ISLANDS and TOWNS. There are a lot of natural scenic wonderful places to and appreciate. Too bad you have it the wrong way.


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