Tucdao National Highschool

Tucdao National High School teaches students in grades seventh through tenth in Kawayan, Biliran of Eastern Visayas (Region VIII). The school has 24 instructional rooms and 3 non-instructional rooms, which are all powered by a power grid. With 1,007 students, class size is around 42 students. Elen P. Canonoy is in charge of the school, acting as the school’s Head Teacher.

For the 2013-14 school year, Tucdao had 1,007 students enrolled. This makes the school a big school, with 757 more students than the average school and 850 more students than the average school in Kawayan. The school has more female students (536) than male students (471) – for every one male student there are 1.1 female students. This is unlike the average gender breakdown in Kawayan, which sees on average one female students per male student.

Tucdao has a total of 27 rooms – 24 of which are for instructional purposes and the remaining 3 for non-instructional uses. All in all, the school has at least one clinic, computer lab, general academic classroom, home economics, industrial/workshop, laboratory, library, and office. Of the instructional rooms, 95.8% are standard rooms, meaning they meet the DepEd’s guidelines for safety and usability.

With 1,007 students and 24 rooms actively used for teaching, Tucdao has an average class size of 42. This puts Tucdao’s classes on the larger side, as the school has 7 more students per class than the average of all schools, and 21 more students per room than the average in Kawayan, Biliran.


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