Maripipi Island: Precious Gem of Biliran

Crossing through the blue waters of a vast sea, we made our way to an island endowed with exceptional wonders, a place enveloped with majestic splendor, surrounded by cool pristine waters, abundant aquatic resources and marine life introducing Maripipi Island. It is a 27 km round island with 15 barrios and beautiful spots to visit. Maripipi is considered one of the inspiring gems of Biliran.


Early in the morning, we took our trip from Naval to Kawayan for 30 minutes. It could be travelled by bus or multicab for P30.00 fare but for students it is P25.00 only. From Kawayan port we rode in a pump boat for 45 minutes and finally arrived at Maripipi port in Brgy. Ermita. The fare costs P50.00 per head, or if “pakyaw” it amounts to P500.00 per trip. The capacity of the pump boat is only ten persons.


To explore the place and reach our real destination, we rode in a motorcycle going to Napo Beach Resort. The road was stiff but we enjoyed watching pretty roadside sceneries. Napo Beach Resort is one of the main attractions of the place, where tourists used to stay for vacation. The resort is 15 minutes to travel by motorcycle from Brgy. Ermita. We received a warm welcome from the staff of the resort, especially the owner Mrs. Emelita Robert. The accommodation was free and they were so kind to us. The electricity of the island is only available from 12 pm – 12 am. Luckily, Napo Beach Resort has its own generator. To enjoy unlimited supply of light, you only have to pay P1, 000.00 and there will be no power interruption.

Napo Beach Resort

Napo Beach Resort is a nice place to stay in, spend your time with your family and have relaxation. The atmosphere is soothing and cool enough in the hot temperature. It is about 1500 sq.m. beach with a swimming pool and an improvised waterfall. The rooms are air-conditioned suitable for rest. The surroundings will also divert you into a good mood with the magnificent view around, especially that it has a very beautiful sunset. They also have a small boutique with suntan lotion, t-shirts, sandals, etc., and a sari-sari store where you can buy food and drinks separated at the resort. Around the resort is crystal clear water good for swimming and snorkeling where you can see different kinds of marine life.

We stayed at Napo Beach Resort. Gladly, we had enough supply of food, especially that Maripipi Island is rich in aquatic resources that are cheap and fresh to buy. Like the big lapu-lapu fish weighing 6 kilos, which cost P720.00. We had a lot of fun in the place, enjoying what they have.


In the afternoon, we planned to go to another spot that Maripipi people are being proud of, Viga Spring. It took us 20 minutes walk going there. We at once soaked ourselves in the spring and we also tried drinking the water. The words of Maripipi folks are really true, that the spring has very cold water. It’s like refrigerated because you will chill due to its coldness. It has also fish that are tamed enough, because they are not afraid to the people who are bathing there. Viga spring is the source of drinking water of the people since then. It is subdivided into three; for drinking, bathing and washing clothes. The water from the spring is really refreshing and it can lighten up your feeling.


After exploring Viga Spring, we went back to Napo Beach Resort. We took our rest and then ate dinner. The group had their fun and enjoyment by singing in the videoke and a little dancing. The second day came, and we became ready for the next adventure. With our feet, we walked going to Candol Beach for 15 minutes from the resort. On our way we did a lot of talking, story-telling, throwing of jokes and arrived at the beach with laughter and joy despite the long walk.


Candol beach has azure waters with a wonderful view around. The water would entice you to swim because of its appearance. It has well designed cottages available for tourists with corresponding prices. You will also enjoy watching the waves and the white coral on the seashore.


When we finished exploring the beach we went back to Napo. Again, we only walked since it’s only a short distance. We didn’t stay much longer for we had other business to do, but if we’re to be asked we’d gladly extend our stay. We rode on a pump boat and every one of us was very eager to arrive at their own houses for a home sweet home. Anyways, it is not advisable to take a trip back home through a pump boat at 4 pm because of the big waves, or we may say the high tides. Without so much choice, our group accepted the challenge and the boat struggled with the big waves. Two days are not enough to know more about Maripipi Island. Despite the short period of time, we were happy we had discovered one of the gems of Biliran.



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