Agpangi Naval

Municipality of Naval, Biliran Province

Agpangi, Biliran Island, Philippines

Agpangi. Contracted form of Ang pangi. The Bisaya article ang is quite unconsciously pronounced as ag in many conversation situations, thus Ag pangi in this case. Pangi (Pangium edule) [] is a tree with a stout and tall trunk. It has wide and thick leaves, and its fruit, which is small and a bit long, is poisonous [Sanchez 1914, 413, Bisaya-Español section].

It has a population of 2,371 (2010 Census).


Barangay Officials

Barangay Captain: Jadulco, Llube Cordova

Bernadas, Ariel Balidbid
Dajotoy, Pastor Saligumba
Ligoyligoy, Jessie Ebio
Garcia, Conrado Jr. Golin
Felicia, Noe Macascas
Ebajo, Lolita Ejorcadas
Linao, Lino Sangcap

SK Chairman: Calves, Erra May Matugas

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