An aerial view of Brgy. Atipolo, Naval, Biliran. Photo by Jalmz

Atipolo Naval

Municipality of Naval, Biliran Province

Atipolo, Biliran Island, Philippines

Atipolo. The place has always been called by its natives as Tipolo, which is actually the Bisaya word for Antipolo (Artocarpus communis). The word Artocarpus is derived from the Greek words artos (bread) and karpos (fruit). Antipolo is a large tree, similar in habit, size, and leaf characteristics to Rimas (Artocarpus altilis) [].

It has a population of 3,325 (2010 Census).

Fiesta: April 29-30

Patron Saint:  San Roque

Barangay Officials

Barangay Captain: Gaviola, Alicia Sabong

Bulat-ag, Rudolfo Mabag
Neduelan, Amador Saberon
Tonelete, Joenard Escalicas
Tambis, Junathan Roladan
Matugas, Angeles Sabucohan
Casado, Necitas Bernadas
Verian, Oliver Oledan

SK Chairman: Sabagkit, Ervin Abby Sabornido

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