Borac Naval

Municipality of Naval, Biliran Province

Borac, Biliran Island, Philippines

Borac. Although Burak is the generic Bisaya term for “flower E(buwak in Cebuano; bulaklak in Tagalog), now virtually unused, it specifically refers to the ilang- ilang (Cananga odorata), a tree whose flowers are very fragrant, and whose oil is used in the perfume industry [Tramp 1995, 63].

It has a population of 728 (2010 Census).

Fiesta: January 10

Patron Saint: Sr. Santo Niño

Barangay Officials

Barangay Captain: Impas, Ranilo Corpin

Alburo, Minerva Casipit
Baco, Edgardo Cadano
Molina, Hans Christian Velasquez
Cabilin, Gerardo Comenero
Jabuen, Melinda Montiadora
Saldua, Pio Sereno
Pevida, Agustin Olin

SK Chairman: Cabilin, Ria Rio

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