Caraycaray Naval

Municipality of Naval, Biliran Province

Caraycaray, Biliran Island, Philippines

Caraycaray. This is the oldest known barangay of Naval, which vicinity had served as the site of the first large-scale Spanish shipyard in the Philippines from the late 1580s to the first decade of 1600. This was also the original site of the poblacion of the pueblo of Biliran when it was created in 1712, before this was moved south of the island around the late 1760s, to an upland area of the present Biliran town [Borrinaga 2009, 5- 6]. A modern Bisaya dictionary defines the word as a “stony and shallow part of the river where the water runs clear E[Makabenta 1979, 46]. But the oldest Bisaya dictionary has a definition that refers to people, not to the river or its water. It defined caraycaray as “to walk behind the steps (of somebody), and a place for trade or stopover (Sp., ventas; Bis., harapitan) by one in another E[Sanchez 1711].

It has a population of 3,701 (2010 Census).

Fiesta: Every first Saturday of March.

Patron Saint: Birhen de la Salvacion

Barangay Officials

Barangay Captain: Merez, Jeffrey Narrido


Aguhob, Delwina Sanosa
Sinangote, Joel Torres
Curso, Renato Abad
Machete, Juan Antor
Veruen, Harold Kent Machete
Dela Cruz, Ricky Narrido
Narrido, Perla Abad

SK Chairman: Loraña, Kim Roger Batiquin

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