Haguikhikan Naval

Municipality of Naval, Biliran Province

Haguikhikan , Biliran Island, Philippines

Haguikhikan.(Haguikhican) The root word of the name of this barangay is Hagikhik (Phrynium fasciculatum) [http://www.press.ntu.edu.tw/ejournal/files/Taiwan501_2010035.pdf], a plant variety whose leaves are used to wrap sweetened sticky rice [Tramp 1995, 169], the local suman delicacy. Hagikhikan means “a place where hagikhik leaves are gathered.

It has a population of 1,621 (2010 Census).

Fiesta: April 23 – 24

Patron Saint: Sr. San Roque

Barangay Officials

Barangay Captain: Lucero, Anito Sarsosa


Casipit, Ricardo Lucero
Jadulco, Juanito Villar
Lagariza, Rudy Serino
Trani, Dondon Mahibales
Sabonsolin, Salvacion Quillopas
Cabias, Jesus Lionis
Bacunawa, Victoriano Argate

SK Chairman: Camarines, Elco Cañete, Jr.

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