Libertad Higatangan Island

Municipality of Naval, Biliran Province

Libertad, Higatangan, Biliran Island, Philippines

Libertad. One of the two barangays on Higatangan Island, the younger one, located along its middle-eastern coast. Its name is the Spanish word which means “liberty, freedom. EHigatangan was formerly an island-barangay before it was split into two barangays with different names. In the Census of 1903, it had a population of 558. According to Artigas [1914, 321], the word means “a refuge of the Moros (refugio de moros). EIn other times it was called Atangan, a place to wait for or anticipate something.

It has a population of 644 (2010 Census).


Barangay Officials

Barangay Captain: Sabili, Nenita Cañezo


Cañezo, Teddy Sr. Mahilum
Roble, Milluh Mission
Canezo, Erna Salut
Catandijan, Imelda Abecia
Comadizo, Ruel Mission
Enero, Florida Bulan
Flor, Melba Cabasan

SK Chairman: Santillan, Pat Eduard Salut

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