Libtong Naval

Municipality of Naval, Biliran Province

Libtong, Biliran Island, Philippines

Libtong. This word means “the deep part of a stream or river E[Lisboa 1865, 222]. The name Libtong seems to have survived the alteration of its geographic make-up; the barangay is no longer on sunken ground. The canyon and river here must have been filled up with lahar during the eruptions of the volcano in nearby Caibiran in 1800 and 1939, respectively [Borrinaga 2007, 16]. The original settlers here were presumably native laborers and Spanish foremen who worked in the nearby sulfur fields (solfataras), to gather sulfur for the making of gunpowder.
Libtong Naval.

It has a population of 989 (2010 Census).


Barangay Officials

Barangay Captain: Espregante, Judy Bornillo


Piad, Dante Paanod
Ancero, Leobert Montiadora
Ponferrada, Claro Trani
Pore, Maxima Rosales
Paanod, Riza Narrido
Paanod, Edgar Ambe
Cubay, Asa Jamisto

SK Chairman: Ancero, Billy Mark Desabelle

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