Padre Inocentes Garcia Naval

Municipality of Naval, Biliran Province

Padre Inocentes Garcia (Pob.), Biliran Island, Philippines

Padre Inocentes Garcia. This is the official name of the barangay, although it is called Ilaya by the residents. It was named after the founder of the pueblo of Naval, Fr. Juan Inocentes Manco Garcia, the parish priest of Biliran pueblo who served the entire area of the present province from 1839 to 1861 [Jose 2008, 37]. In our language, Ilaya refers to the interior part of a land mass. This poblacion barangay is the educational center of Naval, being the location of the Naval Central School and the former Naval High School, now the Naval State University.

It has a population of 4,744 (2010 Census).

Fiesta: May 14-15

Patron Saint: San Isidro Labrador

Barangay Officials

Barangay Captain: Casas, Merle Garcia

Calves, Apollo Bernadas
Saulan, Miraflor Icain
Villordon, Roel Co
Ponferrada, Rosita Sabonsolin
Opeña, Aladin Espejon
Josep, Fina Garcia
Zamora, Bernard Jay Payod

SK Chairman: Pitao, Christian Edzmhar Almen

Padre Inocentes Garcia In Pictures





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