San Pablo Naval

Municipality of Naval, Biliran Province

San Pablo, Biliran Island, Philippines

San Pablo. This old name of this barangay was Macababalo (lit., can cause widowhood). This derogatory name seems to be an offshoot of the disastrous Moro raid on Biliran pueblo on 26 May 1754, when its poblacion was still located along the river in Caraycaray area, on the southeast side near the present Caraycaray Bridge. The Moros captured many inhabitants and plundered and destroyed the pueblo, burning the church and the houses and the fields [Borrinaga 2009]. The residents of this settlement on the mountain slope presumably had the sentry duty to look out for Moro raiders at sea from their vantage location. They failed in their watch that day, when the Moros left their boats at the river mouth and walked several kilometers through the swamps to raid the poblacion. The Moro raid on Biliran pueblo was the most sensational in terms of inflicted damage in 1754, the year with the most number of such raids around the country [Dery 1997, 30]. Its present name, San Pablo, was not taken from its patron saint, which is San Roque.

It has a population of 1,678 (2010 Census).


Barangay Officials

Barangay Captain: Maranga, Carlito Mecaral

Cabilin, John Ebina
Gorre, Reynaldo Delapeña
Engay, Anania Baco
Retanal, Jonathan Adriano
Dabandan, Salvador Baco
Dacuno, Carlos Agner
Gudmalin, Tomas Narrido

SK Chairman: Jamin, Leomar Ebina

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