5 Beautiful Islands Every Beach Lover Should Visit in Eastern Visayas

5 Best Places to Visit in Eastern Visayas. 1. Kalanggaman…

LIST OF BARANGAY FIESTA (May 2018) in Biliran Province

Fiesta Time! May has the most number of fiestas around Biliran.…

Caraycaray Bridge

Caraycaray Bridge, one of the major bridges connecting Barangay…

House Speaker Alvarez visits Biliran

Rep. Pantaleon Alvarez is the first ever Speaker of the House…

Biliran Volcano

Biliran is an solfataric active volcano located in the island…
Aerial view of Ilawod Caraycaray, Naval, Biliran. Photo by Jalmz


ONCE UPON A PUEBLO. Tropical Storm “Urduja” had inflicted…

IN PICTURES: Diocese of Naval has new bishop

Bishop Rex Ramirez, 50, was appointed bishop of Naval by Pope…


Your Face Sounds Familiar

Your Face sounds Familiar Naval Edition

Naval 158th Pueblo Day. Your Face sounds Familiar Naval Edition…

Super Tekla in Biliran

Super Tekla in Biliran on June 29, 2018 at Caibiran Auditorium…