2nd Banda Hudyaka Biliran Science HighSchool

2nd Banda Hudyaka Almeria National Highschool

2nd Banda Hudyaka Cathedral School of La Naval

2nd Banda Hudyaka Biliran National Agricultural Highschool

2nd Banda Hudyaka Naval School of Fisheries

2nd Banda Hudyaka Naval Central School

2nd Banda Hudyaka Calumpang Elementary School

2nd Banda Hudyaka Almeria Central School

2nd Banda Hudyaka Caraycaray Central School

Ms. Bikini Open Naval & Mr. Body Shot Naval 2015

Sept. 25, 2015
NSU Gym, Naval, Biliran


Bagasumbul Festival 2015

2nd Naval Marching Band Competition

Naval Tsinelas Party 2015

Get ready for the biggest street dancing party in the Philippines, our very own TSINELAS PARTY 2015! We are becoming bigger and bigger every year! To add more fun, a well-known DJ in Cebu and Manila, DJ Gio V., now performing in Liv Super Club and Distillers Club will be performing to help you find your rhythm while donning your favorite Tsinelas! Come and join the fun!!

Queen of Naval Coronation


2nd Pedal Lumba ta Bay!

Presented by LGU Naval