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  1. Hello!!! jalmz this is Gimini..i change my user name because i did not able to get my password when i registered here. Please do something to put me in my original user name.

    I want to submit a Draft Artice, how can do it?

  2. jalmz,
    pls don’t post this one. I just wanna ask something. You don’t know me, i
    i don’t know you. I am from almeria. I just wanna ask how is smart bro going to wrk in almeria? I want my bro Ace to install that but he doesn’t have the info. Can you please e-mail me info about it? kung pwede lang…thank you very much

    I saw u with Fr. Benj in the picture but i don’t really think we’ve met before sa diha pa ko phils. Lagas na gud ko ba.Excuse my asking for help but wala man koy makontak back home that knows how internet works, mga olds man to mga people in the house…hehehe! thanx. tc

  3. I was born in Caibiran but was not raised there. I was baptized in one of the churches there but forgot the name( sa sobrang kalagas na, LOL) I have a problem I’m trying to get my wedding from a Baptist rites get blessed by a catholic church here in South Carolina, USA.Can you give all names of catholic churches in Cairiran? Oh by the way my mom’s name is Flaviana Quijano and my father is Odon Verbo(deceased).I hope you can help me at least get the website for these informations. God Bless. Sorry this is not a comment but there’s no space for request. Pardon me.

  4. Hi Jalmz,

    Pde mag suggest? I once visited a blog site “www.mukamo.com” and there’s one things I want to suggest here in BiliranIsland.com site.

    Can you add a tab or check box that will send us an email notification together with the topics and the new comments on a particular topic or issue (this is just a choice of the blogger if he wants to)??

    You may refer to “www.mukamo.com” for the sample.

    Thanks, and i hope this one will work.

    Have a great Day Ahead…

  5. Wow..wowieeeeee….

    akong buddy utip has 1,141 blogs here times 500 pesos per

    blog = 570,500 pesos…oh my GOD!

    nagdila-ab na akong dughan kaselos!….kidhat usa…

    pero dili ko makig-contest sa akong amigong irong

    buang…oppsss..i did not say that….BILIRANON said it!

    check out his/her blog in other thread…..

    so ayaw lang mo sa sunod naku ha kay

    daghan na ming buang sa karaang dinastiya.

    I loooooooooooooove my new demolition job!

    pero in a peaceful way lang ha?

    basta naku akoy mo-declare og ceasefire dire….

    i truly believe what moses, akong kaubang propheta pod:

    “violence only begets more violence”

    my version:

    sarcasm – you get what you ask for.

    insult me – and i’ll be still be nice to you…..no pun intended.

    commercial beer break muna tayo….ala anhing bert marcelo

    may he rest in peace….

    like Freddie Mercury – not sure how he/she will react

    if he is alive today knowing that his song is used by my

    co-supporter for the demolition for a hard-working

    honest sincere pinoy politician with gay inference…

    maybe i will write his living co-singers or the company

    that holds the royalty of the song….hmmmmmmm.

    jalmz, ayaw i-delete iyang blog dire nga

    gipanghambog ang song lyrics, ha?

    on the second thought, nganong buhaton

    man naku nga kauban naman mi…..

    will wait and see og awayon pa ko

    gihapon …..

    wink wink.


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