In my opinion and based on the facts surrounding the fateful incident that transpired last June 7, 2008 at around 7:30 pm, robbery was not the motive in committing such crime due to the following reasons:

1. Robbery is always meticulously planned in order to ensure its success
2. Robbers know the details that may transpire before, during and after the robbery.
3. The victim is already identified even during its planning stage.
4. The primary intent of robbers is to take away money or personal property from their supposed victim.
5. Robbers make sure that no piece of evidence will be left at the scene of the crime in order to conceal their identity.
6. Since the purpose is to rob, as much as possible, robbers will not do any act that will attract attention from other persons.
7. Robbers normally choose appropriate place to undertake their plan.

Was these observed by the robbers before they committed the crime last June 7, 2008 at Naval, Biliran? The answer is a big NO.

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  1. unsa pa man lain motibo…politics pwede pero kanang motibo aron marevive kadtong panghitabo sa kanhing diin dako gayod ang silbi paggamit sa isyu sa politika..diin ang mga tawo nadala gayod sa panhitabo.. tungod sa maayong pagbulikwat sa usa ka partedo aron sa ilang kaugalingon katuyoan sa politika.
    dili kaha naandan nani nga pamaagiha sa pamolitika.

  2. Admin,

    I strongly suggest that we refrain from posting any speculation on the incident as the matter is best left in the hands of the authorities.

  3. Admin,

    In addition to my previous post, I also would like to check if you have obtained permission from SPOII Saul to post the video of their excursion in Talahid.

    In as much we appreciate the additional information posted on this blog, we also have to be careful about observing the privacy of any individual or group of individuals.

    It will be a travesty of justice for SPOII Saul if he will be subjected to unqualified comments on this blog as a result of these photos and video, which may affect his family, relatives and colleagues.

    I will even go to the extent of requesting you to withdraw the post as it is highly speculative and has no legal basis. The matter is best left at the hands of the investigating authorities and we will wait for official media releases.

    Thank you.

  4. aquarius
    unsa man diay ning inyo komento deri,dili na speculation sa panhitabo…ambot ninyo klaro mo nga naa mo gidapigan nga partido.
    kining inyong gipang post nga mga pictures partikular nila spo2 saul ug porta dili na paghatag ug speculation sa mga authority dapat i refrain ni ninyo deri nga fora…unsa inyo intensyon niini aron makondisyon ang hunahuna sa mga blogger deri..obvious na obvious na mr.aquarius.

  5. Hi Aquarius,

    The posting of the video and pictures taken at Talahid Beach Resort during PNP Family Day is with the consent and express permission from SPO2 Renato Saul himself.

  6. Admin 2 & 3

    Thank you for confirming that SPO2 Saul himself authorized the posting of the photos and the video.

    Anon 4

    Read carefully my post. It has alway been my position that any comments on the incident should be stopped pending result of the official investigation.

    Read my post 2 & 3 very carefully before you respond to my comments.

    Unfortunately, you cannot control bloggers from making any comments as they have their own reasons for doing so and is beyond the control of Admin.

    Like you, I am just a guest on this blog.

  7. I agree with Aquarius that you should withdraw this article. It is highly speculative and inflammatory. There is no reason to believe that other types of crime, like murder, are less well planned than robbery. In fact, it seems irresponsible at best to argue this must have been a murder attempt because it was not as well planned as a robbery would have been. As for your assertion that money was not involved, we only have the word of a person with political interest and political ambition for that. And, again, your title is very misleading – representing your illogical speculation as fact.


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