by jalmz
photos by jalmz
First Posted 07:49 PM 08/22/2008

I was in Higatangan Island, Aug. 10, 2008. Just to take picture of their beautiful place. and stayed at Higatangan Island Beach Resort (my sponsor).

Their amenities and services:
1. There are 2 cottages, each with two bedrooms. One cottage howevver has a kitchen and dining area for long term guests.
2. The function hall can accommodate 150 people, food catering is available thru Lani Comadizo or Tio Lito Ang or bring our own.
3. Camp tents, bikes available for rent
4. Boat service – extra charge
5. Generator

Contact/Reservations : Beth Ngoho +63 9052622010

Getting there:

The fastest way to get to Higatangan Island by 45 mins boat ride from Naval to Mabini or Libertad port. fare: 35php for Student – regular fare 40php

Places to visit
The shifting sand bar
The famous shifting sand bar. An inviting stretch of pure powdery white sand beach, surrounded by an alluring crystal blue waters is a wise choice of swimming and diving spot. The sand bar takes its form depending on the wind direction and water current.

Rock formation
Rock formations jut out to the sea west of Higatangan Island, north of the cove in the photo above.

Marcos Hill
Apparently, the former president Marcos temporarily took refuge during WWII on this little island off the north-west tip of Leyte. That’s why the highest point on the island (46m) is still called Marcos Hill to this day.
Former President Ferdinand Marcos and Former First Lady Imelda Romualdez Marcos
Rare photograph. Former Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos and Former First Lady Imelda Romualdez Marcos with the Calumadres and Limpiados.

The Resort
Higatangan Beach Resort

Higatangan Island Beach Resort

Higatangan Island Beach Resort


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  1. jalmz:
    excellent work!!!!!! am really verymuch proved me wrong, i thought twa’s just purely a LEGEND that FM stayed safe in HIGATANGAN.
    my APPRECIATION to people or government officials’ responsible for making HIGATANGAN ISLAND a wonderful place to go.

  2. Jalmz, thanks for promoting Higatangan Island. Anokava, i was around when then Pres FM revisited the island and the Limpiado family. The First Lady, his daughter, Irene and himself only stayed for few hours but the preparation was weeks for their safety. Hurry up , go and visit the historic house before it’s gone. FYI: Travelling to Higatangan Island is now a breeze (weather permitting of course). There is HIGATANGAN RESORT EXPRESS boat that is available anytime. It is the fastest ride- 30 minutes one way. Contact Lani Comadizo at 915 5594083. And if you want to experience the island life and living, it is now possible with the only resort in Higatangan island,

  3. Beth Ngoho was formerly Beth Comadizo from Higatangan. She got married to Rev. Tony Ngoho, now Chief Chaplain in the Phil Army. if you’re from Leyte, you must be related to her husband.

  4. HAHAH c tiya betsayda diay ni cya in short beth..ako papa igsoun ni tiyo tony hekhek.kaila kaayo ko nila.salamat po sa response.

  5. Beth,nindot imong beach resort.Congratulations! I’m planning to have one in the future too somewhere in Atipolo when my children will finished college.I have already a sort of idea when I visited lately French Revierra.We toured Cannes,Nice,Saint Tropez and Monte Carlo.
    Again,CONGRATULATIONS and Hi to all of you!

  6. Thanks Ading. Im sure you and your husband will enjoy staying in our place. Hopefully you’ll be able to spend some time here in your next visit. Your dream/goal of creating one even bettter than ours will come true, since youre somebody with great determination! Good luck.

  7. Olah…. mga Kapamilya at mga ka puso…..Ayaw mog ka balaka, gikan kog Dumaguete City, ila lolo dodong Limpiado to get more photos of Marcos… don2 Calomadre

  8. More photos of Pres. Marcos in the main page guys, pretty nice work jalmz and your source! i thot promises are made to be broken again! hehehe maayo unta imo ibutang ug usa ka page, kana mga history so that people will know more about Biliran. Thanks Anyways

  9. ohhh? i went there last april 2008. that was very noteworthy. people were all kind and generous. balak pa namin bumalik jan. tynx sa shelter na prinovide ni ate thelma. kahit d nia namin kilala. heheheeh. kahit mga strangers kamui dun. pinatira kami sa balay nila ng walang bayad. hehehe. at kay juriel na ngtourguide sa min. tynx sa lahat ng mga taga higatangan island.. da best!!! view our pix in higatangan..

  10. This is my very place where I was born. My grandpa and grandma were apo tisyo and apo idak mission. I am always very proud to say that this is the place where I born and grow up. Hope someday I’ll be back t when I retired I mean just go back and fort.

  11. Kalay, thank you for your kind thoughts about Higatangan and its people. Na Irma it’s worth going back home! I still remember you and your family but i havent seen anyone of you for such a very long long time now. Higatangan has evolved from a quiet farming and fishing -based barrio to a bit more educated, modern and sophisticated islanders. Although the majority of this new generation leaves the island for greener opportunities, they all come back and infuse new ideas and new beginnings. It is so amazing to see young professionals now compared to my time. There’s a lot more to do to help improve the quality of life of our people. Our distance from the mainland poses obstacles to our advancement but it is not impossible. Im glad to see top government leaders visiting our island. i just hope they see the needs of its people or see the island potentials in creating opportunities for its people. With the growth of tourism in Biliran, Higatangan Island is one to shine. So come and visit soon….

  12. hi.. gud day..just wanna ask kung magkano expense jan sa resort nyo??magkano rate ng rooms per nyt?? f we bring fuds does it have any charge??how much does the fare of d motorboat cost to get there?? me and my frends r palnning to go there this summer… hope u can help… :) thanks a lot…

  13. Higatangan Island Beach Resort
    Development Update

    Resort Canteen is now open equipped with karaoke at night and cold drinks 24/7 – how cool is that in this island with only 4 hours of electricity.

    Near completion (end of June 2009) of a dormitory-type accommodation for groups or seminars.

    Function Hall (150 capacity), Sound system, Power Point Projector, Private karaoke, Private Movies available for extra charge.

    Complimentary paddleboat (baruto) and floating bamboo hut (tabaw) for guests only.

    Strong cell phone signals.

    Honeymoon suite available soon. It is our ultimate goal to provide a nearby resort for business,fun and relaxation.

    Text or call Shalom Ngoho 09276979804

  14. kalay I just read your comments about knowing me and my family, by the way may I know who you are sence I,m coming back to visit Higatangan maybe in two months from now. May I know also if you are in higatangan right now so I can ask you a favor to tell Ethel Rojas the daughter of nay medios ug ni tay salvador,

  15. Hi Nang Irma,

    I’m not physically in Higatangan now but i visit every 1-2 years. but i will tell Ethel regarding your planned visit. Pls do, youll be amazed.

  16. kalay hain man diay ka right now , are you residing in US also? are you from higatangan? whose your parents i hope i know you more.By the way I,m residing in Hawaii now but I,m traveling more often to mainland cause my 6 children are residing there. 3 boys in Texas, 1girl in Georgia , another 1 in Alboquerque NM. and my oldest daughter just moved in Hawaii to contenue study. Now you may wonder why I mention all my kids and there places? well we don’t know there might have somebody like relatives and freinds who live close by also. Pareha ni Elsa salut Mission naa siya sa Houston Texas naka visit nami sa ila and another one sa SAn Fracisco inday Salut manghod ni another Elsa nga first degree cousin pod ni Elsa Mission anak tia Pansang, we keep on communicating each other up to now.

  17. ay nasayop I,m sorry si Ms Higatangan diay unta tdo nako i addres ang akong message. Kinsa man ka diay oy bataa ka lusion ko nang imong ilok ron.

  18. Hi Irma,
    musta nam ka diha oy.
    Hain naman ang akong asin nga giutugon nimo wala pa man moabot.
    When are you going home to visit your very pretty place.
    Regards nalang ni Tya Nidas and to the rest of the clan.
    Take care my friend.

  19. coniho naa ba diay ka diha ha ha ha! ! ! ! sos nakalimtan sa ka bisi kay ang tulo nako ka maria ning bisita ug upat ka apo kada adlaw may mga appoinment. i e-mail lang ang imong address kay nalaya na ang dahon. By the way wala kabay planong moretire sa ato? I mean back and fort nalang kay dili man sad ta kabiya sa atong mga anak ug mga apo. con pila nay apo nimo? morag winner me kay 13 na ka apo. conie mouli ko basin two months from now kay mingaw nako sa Higatngan akong nakita sa youtube pwerte namang sikata. Gimingaw nako sa kinhason saloyot sa tana mga cousins and freinds labi na ang dagat.

  20. Irma,
    Mao sad nay akong plano.. Plano ba lang aron ingnon nga naay plano.. Duha pa intawon akong apo.
    Lalaki ang ika duha.
    Kung magpadala ka gani ug asin ari lang sa lakeland i address kay ning panaw na sa laing kalibutan ang akong alaga.
    Champion gyod ka mkay sa anakay lang daan ikaw labaw na.
    Ako giumingaw na sad ko sa aninikad sa higatangan uy.
    Didto ila Tya Nidas ning saka pag-adto nako sa isla. Dugay na kaayo to panahon pa sa irog-irog.
    Take care Irma Hug & kisses to all your sweet apo’s

  21. It’s nice to go for visit back PI and spend a few days in this island Higatangan.kumosta nila panda, ethel, nang alice, tia nidas sa tanan nga mga relatives dinha.

  22. conie komosta na man si Fanovich. Bye the you said that your client’s dead already, did you found somebody. Gimingaw na gyod baya sa Florida con. I considered it my second homeplace next to Hawaii. E mail ko be kahibalo man tingale ka sa akong email.

  23. Ang hilo sa higatangan uso pa? Mao mn ako kuyawan ug moad2 ky bsin mapiktan ta ana,ok lang ug mkatulog la or malipong ba kha ang kuyaw ug mo tirik dayon…Nindot sd naa unta baligya lana ngad2 pangontra!!

  24. Hi na Irma,

    Thanks for update bec i really dont know where you are now. K i dont know if you still remember me but i was still in elementary when your family moved out of Higatangan_ i think. Im mimi comadizo, the youngest of narda comadizo_ Gaga, Indi and myself_ remember? Nanay is still in Higatangan with ya lina. Theyre the center of our clan so we try to go home at least every year. I have been in NY since 25 years ago as a nurse, got married to a Nacario in Gutosan and now have grown dtrs 24 and 18. We are not going home this year bec of scheduled trips to other places but will do pohon next May 2010. Mana Gaga is residing in Manila and Indi, a seaman, as they call them, resides in Naval, since he got married to a navalian. Nanay is now 76 years old and puera buyag ok pa kaayo. Ethel is ok and she has a store. Tia Puritas store is now gone since almost the whole clan has relocated also. Tio nonong is the nearest_ in tacloban_ just recently lost his wife to breast cancer. Tia Lucena now resides in Naval with Rudys family. Sometime she visits higatangan bec she really really misses the place. I can understand that bec even Nanay doesnt like to stay with me in NY_ she did a few years then decided not to come back_ mingaw kuno but i think its because boss man siya pag naa sa island!

    There was a big reunion of Mission clan 2 years ago. I mean big bec they had a parade and a gathering for 2 days. It was held in the then newly developed HIGATANGAN ISLAND BEACH RESORT, and they are planning to have another one next summer. I requested it to be at end of May 2010 so i could attend. So may be you and your family can plan for this. We have a year to prepare.

    K now you have an idea. Well do you remember me?

  25. Hi Nina,

    Thanks for your feedback about Higatangan Island Beach Resort. The resort development is ongoing and will not end until the concept of relaxation and fun is being met. Being far from well developed resorts, it is my vision to create our own in Biliran and to offer our best natural resources to our own people and to our neighbors. Yes Boracay is a great and beautiful place, i was very much proud of it but it costs so much an avarage Biliranon to go there. Higatangan water is as great no doubt about it, in fact cleaner, for now, we just could not compete for their amenities and recreational activities. However ,for swimming enjoyment, relaxation and seminras, Higatangan Island Beach Resort is A PLACE TO GO. We have a huge function hall, quality LCD projector and a big screen, quality sound system, karaoke fun at night, has the fastest and biggest motorboat to pick up guests, a small boat to tour
    around the island, and backup generators for airconditioning and cold drinks.

    One major complaint is that the resort is not on the famous sandbar. Unfortunately we cannot change the structure of the island and the place where the resort is right now. It would demand a huge investment to create an ideal one. And im sure the Limpiados will not give up their property which is right next to the sandbar. However, the resort is providing free transport to the sandbar or if walking is peferred, it takes only 5 minutes.

    Ok Nina im glad you liked it.

  26. Hi Luya,

    Growing up ive heard about this label for Higatangnons but now as a medical provider i know this was never proven.

    I think that you should be more concerned of food poisoning/infection from bacteria/virus out of food mishandling or water contamination. Be more cautious on where you eat and what you eat or drink. The island now has several stores with bottled water for sale. And this advice is not only for the Higatangan visitors. And you know what you can never tell where even; Last year i had a very bad food poisoning from eating in a very well known hotel in Manila.
    Good luck

  27. How I wish makaanha ko sa higatangan Island. nindot daw ang resort dinhi, kaso layuan man jud ko, sa Culaba pa me maggikan if ever tua me sa Probinsya. mGa 3hrs cgro byahe..

    Sa pictures palang makalilisang na ang kabLUE og kalimpyo sa Dagat.

    Unta ato ampingan ning atong PAraiso.

  28. naka hinomdom gyud kaayo tawon kuting ka pa man niadtong una si gaga bata pa pod ug si indi.By the nia diay ka sa NY ang akong son in law is from new but originally kay naa siya sa military they just assign to geogi. maayo noon kay naka abroad dayon ka ug nurse pagyod. Ang akong youngest boy naa sa texas nurse pod dinhi na nakahuman. There’s 3 boys reside in Texas, Brian my 2nd child is special teacher married to an american girl and she is a christian in fact the grandpa and uncle are both pastors. Weeding was heald in Pensylvania and they had 1 boy and 1 girl the wife is a teacher too and still planning to continue to finish her first course to b e a nutritionest and my son just done with his major. The 3rd child is aboy name Peter married to a pilipina from cebu family and they came here about the sametime to us. She finish her nursing in Florida before they get married ,and right my son still in college taking PT.and they got 3kids PJ,Timothy and Jeremiah. Ang tulo nako ka mga lalaki naa sa MCallen TX. My eldest daughter just came back to HI. from 7 years stayed in LA kay mutiwas sa iyang nursing pod at least free logging. And myyoungest is girl she’s married already too and full time commerce in Aboquerque NM. By the way naminyo ko ug taga Toledo Cebu ang akong ugangan maoy hawaiian born then we came to Hawaii 1993. that time usa pay college namo didto nagiskwela Sn carlos nursing but wala makahuman kay ako man gyon gidala diri unya lisod baya basta bag o lang ta sa america kay 6 man ang among anak. Nakapuyo sad ko sa
    florida ug kadali kay 4 akong anak ning migrate sa didto after their highschool ug akong bana nabilin diri kay dili man siya mobalhin kay naa siya nagtrabaho sa city and county waste water treatment operator #4 ako ang walay klaro kay wala man koy permaninting trabajo partime lang kay CNA man ko ug dili ko mo trabaho ug hosp. so private lang gusto ko. But when we just came nagtrabaho under sa Saint Francis Hosp sa Hawaii magbisita lang sa outpatient mag ligo niadtong panahona tag 10 dollars pa ang uras but we only bath 7 client a day humanon namo sa buntag bahala mi kay mo call in call out ra man mi sa office.Now part time purely compaion unya i drive pod bisan asa akong dalhon.By the way bakasyon sad mo diri mag pinbri lang sa among balay.

  29. hi mi,kumusta? We r planning to have our reunion by 2010.Please give us an update of your arrival.Mo graduate akong anak Nursing sa Cebu Doc by March 2010 i will be home with my hubby and plan to be n[back by May pohon.I plan to bring our classmates for an overnight stay at your resort.I will give you a ring one of this days,anyway dugay pa man to but its about time to prepare,Right? God Bless and more power to you Mi…regards to your family.

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  32. Hi Ibmis,

    Are you Na Irma? OK thanks for introducing your family, i would have never known. Thats a big addition to the clan! Looks like the next reunion is even bigger. And thanks for the invite. I will definitely get in touch. Hawaii seems to be a vacation plan soon. We are in France at this moment. Keep in touch. thanks.

    Hi Ading,

    Im good. I know you are, been reading. Congratulations on your dtrs graduation! Yup, we would be there around that time but not sure about the exact date yet. Be nice if you can stay overnite or more_ just call in ahead of time since those times are kind of busy esp friday and saturday nights: Text Shalom at 9276979804. Thanks.

    Hi Juandepul,

    Pls call or text Shalom at 927 6979804 for rates inquiry and for reservations. The resort website: is near completion_ thanks for your patience.

  33. Wow, nice to Hear that this resort is clean and beautiful. We should be proud and take care of this gift from GOD.

    Creating the website for the HIGATANAGN is a great idea, for us to encourage tourists to visit our province. Hope this innitiative will be successful and I will support and share the sites to my colleague and friends here in Manila once the site is done.

    Thanks for the Efforts…

    GOD Bless You All..

  34. Hi, Ms Higatangan,naa diay mo sa France? Which part? Thats really a beautiful place to visit.Enjoy na lang mo. Yes i will enform you ahead of time.Thank you very much Mi.

  35. hi ang sarap talaga ung higatangan jan ak nag aral eh ..marasap umuwi s sarili bayan ay naku d2 p ksi ak s saudi eh…regard for all.

  36. Hi Ading,
    Yes, we stayed in Paris for few days then to the South of France. Started exploring St Tropez and drove along the coast until we reached Cannes. Ive read your blog and i know that you were on these beautiful places. We stopped at Cannes since our scheduled mediterranean cruise covers Nice and Monaco. Good for you, you stayed too on those luxury hotels and resorts, and flying first class or better!

    Hi Monyean,
    Thanks for your positive feedback. Anything undesirable i will take constructively too esp that we are in development stage.

    thitho, thanks for your support. is a great resource for our province also, theyre doing a wonderful job. Our upcoming website will focus on the resort and about Higatangan Island.

  37. sana my own website kayo.. tapos nkalagay dun ung rates at more infos and gallery ng resort nyo…para mas mapdali marketing nyo..hehehe…

  38. Hi rexan,

    Your input is well taken. Our website construction is in progress. If you search for it will let you know it’s coming. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  39. I’ve been to this place for a class field trip once before. I remember we got drunk on the sandbar under the full moon. It was so beautiful I made a promise to go back there someday. Would it be possible to travel there by myself? I just hope there would be more information about this island available on the net such as rates, how to get there, etc, etc….

  40. Hi miki,

    If youre confident to travel alone, then you can travel to the island by yourself. The island people are very friendly and helpful. The island resort is the only available accomodation at this time and once youre there, it becomes easier to explore and enjoy what the island can offer. Just have to ask or let the staff know what you’d like to do. It is safe to walk alone within the populated area during daytime but never in other areas without an island companion. The resort has a small boat that will take you around the island for a fee.

    Again the website is in progress. But in the meantime you can call or text Shalom 9276979804 for information on room rates. It is very affordable since we are promoting the place. Camping sites are available. And we have tents available for rent.

    Town of Naval is the central access. It is important to note that there is only one trip from Naval to Higatangan and the boat leaves at 12 noon. And there’s only one trip from the island to Naval, and the boat departs at 7 am. Otherwise, the resort has a boat to take you at anytime during the day, back to Naval or vice versa for a fee.

    Referring to your previous visit description, it is wise then to go back on a full moon in summer. The island sandbar is at its best between the months of March and early June.

    Have fun.

  41. Ms Higatangan,

    Hi. Thanks so much for your response! I really appreciate every help I could get as there’s limited information about Biliran available on the net. I’ll call/text that number you gave as soon as I’m done with my Dumaguete-SIquijor-Bohol trip this August. I wonder if November would be a good time to go there… Anyway, I’d love to go there again, take pictures and help promote the place even if I’m not from there as I really think Biliran has got lots tourism potential. =)

  42. Youre welcome, miki. I think it’s okay in November in usual weather. Just listen to weather forecast. OK have fun in your travel adventure. Im sure the resort website will be live by that time. I should have a place for guests to post their pix and feedback. Thanks.

  43. hey jalmz, ive put your link in my twitter account. great photos..makes me wanna go there right now! we’re planning to revisit higatangan island. most of our relatives live there.

  44. Yes,ms Higatangan,My free trip with the Prince and Princess of Saudi Arabia was my second trip to France.My first travel taking the private jet.the second business class with royalty accommodation.What a great difference! I changed the baby’s diaper before take off and the plane waited for me.i took a thousand pictures on my memorable trip.I’m pretty sure you had a great time with your family too.have you dreamed of coming to those places before? T’was a blessing,Right? What i wanted to copycat is the Cannes style restaurant along the seawall.Remember the old pantalan we had with more steps facing Calubian? It always brings back old memories.We may reach to St.Tropez,Cannes, Nice,Monaco,Paris still the best part is when come back home. i’m so happy for you for having your dreams come into reality.
    I’m few miles away from your home.i will give you a ring a month ahead of time.salamat Mi.

  45. oh my God,so impressed with the beautiful changed on that place.i wish i could come and see it before i die.

  46. Hi Ading,

    I admired your determination and i like what youre doing! Wow world site seeing for free. May be one day you can share the “how to get those opportunities” . Im sure you can do a better haven in naval. Biliran has great potentials for tourism but without an airport, it’s tough to attract tourists. I can see it coming sooner or later. Im also hoping that our public officials will start looking beyond the tradional view of local improvements and emphasis of budget allocation. I cant wait to see improvement in health care facilities and delivery. You have a big influence in Naval, im sure you can make a difference. Having to deal with a quality of life business with associated accident risk i can only take preventive and precautionary measures. Tacloban is too far for emergency care. K sure let me know once you decide to avail of the resort services.

    To Pening,
    So nice to hear from you!!! Pls dont ever wait to experience the simple pleasures and contentment of life your very own place has to offer. Higatangan now is beyond what you had left long time ago. I wish it is near like the carribean islands. But go very soon. You and your family will love it.

  47. Hi,

    I have enjoyed reading all the posted messages in this site. I even remembered some of the names like Tia Lucena, Tia Narda, Mimi, Gaga and Ethel.
    I used to visit the place when I was a young mischievous boy, riding on every Baka near the lighthouse. My Tia Sita used to take me to Higatangan during summer vacation in Naval to visit my Lolo Inting and Lola Cedes. It was such a beautiful place then and I’m sure is still is.
    God willing, I will be taking my son there for a visit someday.

  48. Giovanni,
    Are u the son of Tio Intoy Mission? Mentioning Tia Sita, i kind of remembered you as boy running around in your Apo Inting and Apo Sedes house in Naval. Well if you are, i havent seen you since then. It’s tough luck that we are going to be in Higatangan or Naval at the same time im sure your tia narda will always welcome you and your family in her house. She may not remember you but just mention your Dad and im sure she will in no time.

  49. “hi to all,just droppin’ by to say this place is the best place to relaxe and live as well,,,,kay syempre taga ari jod ko,,hehe,,i miss the place and the people pod,,im goin’ home on christmas vacation after the final defense of my project,,pero dili ko muoli ug dili ko makapasar sa defense kay it would only mean one thing :dili ko maging ENGINEER,,hehe,,” but sana makapasar ko, god bless to me,,,LOL

  50. hi to all….am just drop by….nice view ung hometown nko noh?????ibog moh home at march 2010..c u soon my dear higatangan….

  51. lugar na sa ako mga parents sa ako papa mga mission,pedida, kaadto na mi dha lami kaayo ang dagat as in..dha gpanganak ako papa c farnacio mission pedida..taga davao city ko nagdayo
    ako papa diri kay world war 2 diri. davao assign ako uncle isias mission pedida as a ussafe us soldier.. paghuman sa gyera nahimo sya na pulis ug nag retire as captain pedida mao nag daghan ang mission diri davao..naka adto nako dha reunion sa mission
    2007..ako cousin dha si stanley pedida, ligaya salut ug daghan pa..NICE PLACE!

  52. hi! i’m from tacloban. nagplano amo barkada muadto sa higatangan island. dili ba siya expensive? as we look at the pictures, naibog jud mi… we want to experience higatangan… pwede ra ba mi magcamp sa daplin sa baybayon? unsay mga activities ngadto na pwede namo mahimo para atleast sulit jud amo pagvisit….?

  53. while watching the videos and pictures of Higatangan, I’m so proud that at long last ang island napansin na gyod. Thanks for the people who continue to love and treasure the island. Ila Tiya Narda’s family, thanks pagdevelop sa inyong resort. I’m so touched! Im praying always na magboom pa and more more years to come pa sa inyo business. 6 years passed na, hindi pa ako nakabalik sa island. Buti pa ang Mla. once or twice ko pa mapuntahan pati Cebu. If not of Faith who happened to visit us here in Davao City this May, I dnt know na may website pala ang Higatangan. Upon knowing, kaagad kung giopen and website. thats why sa 1st comment ko, na ” I really missed this place” and of course lahat ng mga relatives, friends and classmates ko. I will never forget them and the place where I enjoyed my childhood and teenage years. It was full of happy memories talaga! Hopefully, if God willing, our family will spend our summer vacation here. Hope, my sis is planning also. I also invited Joy Inn with his family, of course si Papa n Mama too! My children are so excited na. Anyway, 8s a long way to go pa. Kayod muna kami para makaipon for that planned vacation at makaenjoy kami sa amenities nyo. Alam ko, the children would prefer to stay in the resort for comfort. So, hanap muna pera. No problem with me n my husband kasi sanay kami sa hirap. More power to Higatangan Island Beach Resort! We’ll also promote this island to our friends who really love to spend their vacation in a peaceful, clean and beautiful beaches and HIgatangan is one of the BEST! GOD bless!

  54. hi,

    i’m from cebu and were planning go to leyte, particularly in Naval this end of October. I need some information regarding Higatangan. Can you please help me? You stated above that regular fare of boats to higatangan is 40.. is it still the same today? pwde po bang ma tour ang island ng one whole day? please help.. i badly need an answer.. tanx!

  55. hi,

    i’m from cebu and were planning go to leyte, particularly in Naval this end of October. I need some information regarding Higatangan. Can you please help me? You stated above that regular fare of boats to higatangan is 40.. is it still the same today? pwde po bang ma tour ang island ng one whole day? please help.. i badly need an answer.. tanx!

    here’s my email add: [email protected].. tanx!

  56. Hi Synz!

    Got your message! Thanks…
    I believe all the rates, as mentioned in the above ads, are current.
    However, to make sure that I’m giving you the correct information, the best way to confirm it, is by giving a call to our resort manager, Miss Shallome Ngoho. She will be happy to assist you with
    all your needs and also to address your specific questions and concerns. You can reach her by calling the following numbers:
    (63) 905-262-220-10; (927) 697-9804, or you can also send an
    e-mail to :http/ and address to her. Take care and God bless….


    Tommy Nacario

  57. Hi Maria Luisa!

    How are you doing? I read your message and I can definitely tell that you have been away from our place for a while now, isn’t it?
    Like so many of us who are seeking for the proverbial “greener pasture” away from home in big metropolitan areas like Manila or Cebu, or in foreign lands such as: the Middle East, all ove Asia, Europe, and the United States, it is inevitable that we get homesick
    no matter how comfortable you may feel wherever you may be right now. Unlike the medical problems, however, such as high blood pressure that you can just treat it with anti-hypertensive medications, or if you have headaches then you can just pop-up motrin or tylenol, there is NO medical treatment for “homesickness” (sad to say) except by physically going back to your homeplace to be with
    your friends and family…

    Should you decide to go home, why not try to get away and escape with your loved ones to Higatangan Island Beach Resort?
    With its available new, and modern facilities and an equally beautiful view and scenery of the island, I can guarantee you the comforts and leisure that the resort will provide would relieve you
    from whatever it is that’s currently bothering you both physically and pschologically. Check it out yourself!..I’m sure you’ll be glad
    you did.

    Good luck and God bless,

    Tommy Nacario

  58. Grabe! I love this place. I’ve been there last year together with sir Tino Villamayor. we were having fieldtrip there with my co-majors in our geochemistry class. and know what? people there are very nice. they are so approachable and really took care of us during our 24 hours stay there. I went to snorkeling which was really nice to see those marine organisms in their untouchable seawater near the resort. I could freshly remember the sand bar where we enjoyed picture taking with classmates and two professors. I could not express into words how I appreciated the beauty of the island. I would like to express my deep gratitude to all the people in the resort. you are so adorable indeed. I am hoping that we could spend time there again someday with my special someone.


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