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Like in any other case filed in court, use of dilatory tactic is one machination employed to delay court proceedings thereby justice will not be attained at a right given time.

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It holds true with the election protest filed by Atty Glenn Chong in the House of Representatives Electoral Tribunal (HRET) against Roger Espina.

Biliranons expected so much that ballot boxes containing the ballots and other election documents and paraphernalia will be shipped to Manila this week. Though sealing of ballot boxes was already done in the municipality of Almeria yet the sealing of ballot boxes in other municipalities remains to be seen if it will be materialized for a number of reasons ranging from the unavailability of some authorities involved in the sealing like the municipal treasurers.

There was even a report that Gerry Boy Espina called the treasurers to a meeting in which it is highly improper and dubious considering his position is also at stake in the election protest filed by Charlie Chong in Comelec.

It would be proper for authorities involved in the order of Comelec in the sealing of ballot boxes to maintain impartiality of their actions so as not to cast doubts among the voters in Biliran who still aspire that their votes will be properly and legally accounted for the sake of putting an end to this election controversy in Biliran province.

Politicians involved in these election protests especially those now occupying the contested positions should also follow orders from authorities without exerting much effort, time, influence and even money just to sway the natural course of the election protests.

We, Biliranons are stakeholders to said election protests whether we are affiliated to different political colors since what is at stake is the quest for who really won in the congressional and gubernatorial race in Biliran province during the May 10, 2010 elections.

We cannot resolve this pending election protests by not following what is prescribed by law neither we can put to rest the deafening silence of people who just observed in the sideline of event eagerly waiting when the recounting starts nor anybody can put to rest the seemingly social volcano to erupt in the beautiful landscape of the island paradise of Biliran when time come that people will not only take their crusade in streets but rather they may take it with their own bloodied hands to find justice to their failed cause.

To delay the process of recounting the ballots maybe a big disadvantage on the protestant and a big favor also on the contrary for the protestee.

However, we, Biliranons do not see it as a disadvantage or an advantage on either sides of the political fence but rather we look at it as a big lose in the quest for justice and peace in the province of Biliran.


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  1. MAAYO GAYOD MOPILI ASANG komiteha kaniari sa congress MAAYO MO suksok? committee on public works gyod? MAO NA NGA BISAG DILI angayan sa iyang propesyon isip cpa-lawyer NAGPA MYEMBRO GAYOD publiuc works…ning porsegi gyod, kay unsaon kasabot naman asa naay dakong sapi? isip proprietor sa glejoben construction, kasuhito gydo bahin ani?

    UG KARON MOINGON PA NGA WALA MAN SIYAY GIPIRMAHAN DOKUMENTO BAHIN ANI, natural? alang-alang nga si dist.engr. sarabusing man lang ang imong gigamit ? pero ayaw pag deny mr.truth daw,hahaha…nga wala ka kasabot aning pondoha? lugar mosugot ra diay ka nga gamiton ang distrito sa biliran bahina aaning binuang nga garpalang panapi? 120milyon!!! ayaw nalang mi patuoha sa mga bakak,hehehe mr.truth…ABER, MANGUTANA MI PILA MAN POD ANG share o commisssion nimo mr truth sa 120M?

  2. Bisag gud unsaon. bisag ibala sa kanyon mugawas gud ang pagkamaro aning tiguwang nga kapit tuko sa poder ngari sa ato..

    Sobra gud nga pasaway kaning tiguwanga nga bisag naa nay order mangita gud lang gihapon ug anggulo aron dili makita ang tinuod nga hustisya aning pag taga recount.

    Sobrang pasaway talaga kay naanad man nga naay dakong politiko sa Manila uroy nga naa pirme sa iyang likod aron mokonsinter sa iyang mga binuang..

    Ang iyang sobrang pagsalig sa iyang kaugalingon nga he can always be safe for whatever he does and gets mao kini ang nag dalan aron kitang mga Biliranon magsamok aning matang sa atong kalihukang politika.

    Wala gud ko’y makitang maayong nabuhat aning pamilyaha kundi ang pagpakamaayo lamang sa iyang kaugalingon pamilya at the expense of the Biliranons..

    Di ka ba ana malisang nga sa sobrang pagpangutang kitang tanan mga ordinaryong Biliranon ang magsaguod ug bayad…
    Maayo sila kay puwerteng hayahaya even if they will not anymore be in public office that morag zero balance gayud ang kaban ng bayan..

    Dili lalim ang mag akusa pero dili pod lalim ang sige na lang tang mabiktima aning mga tawhana.. nga way kalooy sa atong mga kabos ug sa atong future generation…

    Dili lalim ang maningot aron makakitag kuwarta aron ibayad lamang sa mga inutang nga wa kitang tanan mga biliranon wala makatagamtam through public service that we all ought to receive from these crooks.

    Election pa lang daghan nang isyu …post election mao gihapon bisag sa forthcoming recount of ballots sobran na. I will not be surprised that several issues will likewise sprung up from their side because they are thinking that whatever twisted ways they will do ..THEY CAN GET AWAY WITH IT…

    Panahon na aron pahibaloon kining mga abusadong pamilya nga dili sa tanan panahon uyunan sila sa ilang mga kabuang…

    Dili sa tanan panahon palagi silang tama… Ang dapat nilang gawin itama nila ang kanilang pagkakamali at hindi mag embento ng another set of lies just to bury us all in hell!!!!

    Devil minded people flock together and hell is near and in short distance to this undesirable aliens in Biliran…


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