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First Posted 23:51:00 08/07/2012
Last Updated 13:36:00 08/08/2012

Thousands of Biliranons coming from all walks of life joined today’s 42nd birthday celebration of the top official in the province of Biliran.

The announcement was made before thousands of political allies, supporters and well-wishers in the province of Biliran who attended the birthday bash of Gov. Espina held today, Aug. 7, in the Naval Gymnasium.

An advance b-day celebration was tendered by Gov. Espina to VIPs and heads of government agencies in Biliran province in Biliran Garden Resort on August 6.

Sumptous meals were served during these two separate b-day celebrations of Governor Espina.

Gov. Espina celebrated his 42nd birthday today with known singer Rey Valera in attendance.

1,360 Biliranons receive reading eye glasses in Gov. Espina’s birthday.


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  1. happy bday gov,ngano dili man ang ato pinoy idol gipa intertain,sabagay mas sikat man gyud si rey valera.dugokon gyud sa mga tawo…


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