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Dear sir/madam,
Its my pleasure send you this E-mail.Today morning when i sat in Pc accidentally i came through .leaving my work i search through beatifull places posted.Well its very impressive,perhaps i can contribute bit more i feel i doing good thing as well as my duty as well since i live in this island.

Let me to introduce my self,by name i am greg .R.jayamaha half philipino/half profession i am a trader & miner.Exporting sea foods/minerals as core businessess.MY wife is from bool,blessed with baby girl,settle in this province since 2008 jan.after tiring sad business experience in manila.

Last year i made several exploration expedtions to many of the mountains around the island,delight to mention i manage to found minerals such as white clay/brown clay/sulphur/carbon/prosperous/some other commercially very expensive minerals wher i never found in other part of philippines during expedition trips.

Sad point is such as sulphur minning at caibiran was done by inexperience miners who does not have sufficent technology nor e3xperience,where the workers been less treated,this led protest came up & mine site order to close.apparently sulphur was sold to PHILPOST where the pricing was very low.Usually the good grade sulphur 1M/Ton asily could be sold for more than 350 U$D FOB basis.I have been to miner are prior to extraction started,survey the area for almost 4 days.

Apparently the miner was not able to explain the church other respective organizations comprehensively the good can be done to the province if the sulphur was my point of view huge foreign exchange influx/upgrading living standard of natives as my obsevation & competency,if the suphur was technically extracted,below deposits are natural gas & crdue oil.

I am small scale businessman having company registrd here name “ARYEN TRADING INTL.”.Yet with vast experience with some of the world known oil companies such as ARAMCO/BP/OCCIDENTIAL PETROLIUM serving as consultant engineer for exploration divisions.Some of my fellow counter parts today in top ranks in those companies where i can touch within seconds.

Apparently on my expidition trip to libtong i discovered natural gas/crude oil/high grade sulphur. The natural gas as will as crude oil probably less than 20m. below from the surface. Its so unfortunate although i manage to enlightened this findings to respective dig nataries such as hon. mayor of naval. The feedback very negative where i was discouraged

On my calculation the beuatiful province would have earn minimum of 15-20 m U$D per year,providing large amount of jobs along with technological knowlegde for the natives perhaps the biliran island becoming one of the most richest provinces in southern visayas.

I wish and pray one find day all the govering bodies united shall work together hand in hand towards prosperity of this bliss island rich in high grade minerals.

May God bless you/island of biliran

Greg. R. Jayamaha

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  1. Your correct mr greg but people in biliran will not do it just in exchange for money just to make the province rich..politicians,church and some organization will totally blocked mining in the province.The province has issued permits already to certain people but this organizations made the protest,we dont know if after election if these personas who headed the protest now if they will win the governorship next election will still do the same by not allowing mining in the province.
    Im just hoping that chuch & other organization will not stop protesting againts mining.My only fear is that maybe wind will change i mean the one who protested now will be the one who will introduce the mining of biliran to the world once they will be elected on the coming election.
    As what ERAP says WEDER WEDER LANG YAN!! So Mr. Greg try to go back in biliran by july of 2010 maybe by that time you can convince the leader of the province as well as the church and the people.

  2. Mr.Greg Singgaporean,
    If you are asking a good negotiations to the present Mayor in Naval just for the mining operation again you are wrong??
    As what you stated the feedback of the Mayor is negative
    that made you dissapointed..
    Can you estate what made you discouraging?
    If you have plans asking a permit to get some sulfur or crude oil or some high grade minerals in our province..
    We advised you to get off of our Islands???
    The beauty and the natural resources of our Province
    well remain..we will fight for it..
    Do you understand?

  3. Hoy Greg,
    I am blind but I can have two eyes open wide see the
    beauty of our sorroundings it’s so beautiful enjoy the beauty of our mining ,we will saved our beautiful Islands to our childrens and your childrens.


  5. Mr. Greg;

    Our beloved island needs to retain it’s natural beauty. it should remain that way regardless of whoever will seat in or provincial office. WE DO NOT GIVE ANYONE ANY PERMISSION WHATSOEVER TO EXPLOIT IT TO THEIR SELFFISH END!!!!!!

    We condemn people who exploit our natural resources because we do not like our island to become another NAURU.

    Please refrain from encouraging our present provincial leadership to totally destroy the richness of our forest specifically in Caibiran or anywhere in the island.

    We don’t buy your alibis because at the end of the day you will be answerable to our future generation, And our own local history to condemn you if you pursue you selfish dream to exploit it.

    Our province can still generate funds without endulging with mining…Our island is very small compared to Nauru and look what is happening now to that little state in the Pacific…. The people in that island were promised heaven and earth just to allow crooked people to mine their island…. Instead of economic bonanza, they are now reaping the big waves that is claiming their most precious land… Instead of economic developement they are now experiencing economic misery….

    You do not like that to happen to us because you said your wife is from Bool. I believe your wife will not allow you to do that…. Look prospectively to the time where your grandchildren will have the previledge to enjoy nature tripping and enjoy the beauty of the forest that we still have should you reconsider your views in regards to destroying the natural habitats of our flora and fauna which are indemic exclusively in Biliran.

    Please do not fool us with your promises because we already are feed up of it specially from the politician who betrayed us in exploiting our forest in Caibiran…. Give us the opportunity to enjoy the beauty and boundy of our forest with out touching it with your mining interest…OUR FOREST WILL STILL SURVIVE AS IT IS EVEN WITHOUT YOUR SELFISH INTERVENTION. GIVE US A BREAK WILL YOU?

  6. Greg, you are certainly exited about your discoveries in Biliran, but I hardly share your enthusiasm, as all I can see is mass exploitation, corruption, greed, and the rape of Biliran Island, by the people who could profit from the mining of the rescourses there.

    Many people are selfish and greedy and dont care about the destruction they leave behind them. Even if you are not this type of person, there are many who are, and exposing the potential of mining is just going to cause a stampede of exploiters to the beautiful Biliran Island.
    I myself am selfish because I want Biliran Island to stay “undiscovered paradise”, and be able to come there and enjoy the beauty of the land and the people, like you cannot do in many other places because they have already been expoited!

  7. Dugay ra bitaw na gigusbat ang bukid for mining bisan diha sa bukid sa tucdao gipatag na sigi og trabaho.Ang mga tawo sa biliran walay mahino diana ang nakalisod kay gitagaan og permit sa governor.Magbaha naman gani nang sigi og uwan labi na ng gigusbat na ang bukid wala nay mga kahoy nga makasagang sa tubig.Maayo unta kamoy malubong nga buhi agains’t gyod diini ang mga katawhan labi na kanang natungdan diinang bukira.Dili na nato pa huwaton ang 2010 actionan dayon.

  8. I was reading the post from SIME, and I totally agree with his comparison with the small Pacific nation of Nauru, where the country was for a while one of the most prosperous countries in the world, and now after the mining has stopped, the country is virtually begging for assistance from other countries.

    So what happened? A mixture of incompitence, greed and exploitation saw all the wealth dissapear.

    I can only compare this kind of behave to a bunch of drunken pirates who feast on their ill gotten booty until it runs out and then move on to stealing their next treasure.

    Please dont let this happen to beautiful Biliran Island!

  9. Thank you Anthony… As a matter of fact I am now trying to coordinate with the Green Peace International and doing my share in inviting lots of my environmental organizations here and abroad to take a look at our outstanding issue in regards to mining in Biliran… i will not stop until our voices will be heard so that someone has to answer for all this mess in our beloved island.

    Our place is a typhoon prone area and once simba ko lang a landslide will occur in Caibiran or it’s nearby areas…Some people has to answer for it. The’ve got to stop. And they have to stop now before it’s too late! Dili ko gusto nga mahitabo ang parehas Ormoc tragedy we back several years ago. We will continue reaching out to some organizations to put this act stopped and have this mistake rectified by the concerned government official who have let this mess happen.

  10. Correction:
    It is not my personal environmental organizations ( a typograpich error on my part). Those should be organizations that I am affiliated of. Please help me encourage concern citizens specially from Caibiran to take pictures of the damage through their cellphone cam or any camera that records the soil erosion and other hazardous environmental damage that this mining activities have incurred. (don’t forget to activate the date on it).. I have invited some of my friends to visit and take a look at the googgled picture of the damage.
    Should calamities happened in that area it will be convenient for these concerned citizens to present visual evidence fior a class suit that may or most likely be filed for those people responsible for this mess.

  11. biliran folks..its time to wake up..let us face the truth..the only rich people can had the right to become rich in our about us the poor once..lalong nababaon sa kahirapan..why this guy ( Mr Jayamaha) gave a chance to improve our way of life..some only had pakinabang (mga mayayaman lang) sa mga pumupuntang turismo dito sa lugar..samantalang kung pagbigyan nyo ang magandang hangarin sa atin ni Mr Greg R Jayamaha siguro lalapit sa atin ang mga investors, it creat more jobs for the Biliran peoples and our beloved place maybe someday it will become known because of tourist spot and rich in natural resources and will become civilized place. let us think the future of our kids…wag tayong padadala sa pangako ng mga mayayaman na ginagamit lang tayong mahihirap, isipin natin ang kinabukasan ng ating mga anak na mga anak na may mga magagandang pangarap…nandito pala sa atin ang kayamanan bakit hindi natin gamitin sa mabuting paraan..kailan pa natin gagamitin, baka maunahan tayo ng mga ganid/corrupt na mayayaman dyan…di naman siguro tayo pababayaan ng taong ito (Mr Jayamaha) i believe in his eager to help the people of Biliran as Christian. Nandiyan lang ang yaman gamitin natin para sa kinabukasan ng ating mga anak at kasaganaan ng Biliran


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