First Posted 18:29:00 03/17/2011
Last Updated 18:53:00 03/17/2011

Two Navalenos were among the 982 successful bar examinees who hurdled the 2010 bar examination.

The Navalenos who passed the 2010 bar exam where Plen John Mark M. Dela Peña and Christian Alexander A. Joboco.

The two successful examinees hail from a family of lawyers. Dela Peña was the son of judge Plenio Dela Peña while Joboco was the son of judge Rogelio Joboco.

Atty. Christian Alexander A. Joboco

The 2010 bar exam was the last essay type since the 2011 bar exam scheduled in November will be a multiple choice type, writing of memoranda and a little essay.

Atty. Plen John Mark M. DELA PEÑA

Click here to view COMPLETE LIST OF PASSERS.


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  1. Congratulations to Atty. Plen John Mark M. Dela Pena and Atty. Christian Alexander A. Joboco and to their proud parents, Hon. Judge Plenio Dela Pena and Nelda Dela Pena and Hon. Judge Rogelio Joboco and Dr. Adelfa Joboco.

    Congratulations, too, to ATTY. VINA GRACE BORNILLO MEJIA, daughter of Engr. Porfonio Mejia of Biliran, Biliran and Liduvina Bornillo of Naval, Biliran.


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