First Posted 15:17:00 11/02/2012

What do you think of the new set-up at the Naval Catholic Cemetery?

The cemetery is momentarily quite of the intense heat in its tree-less compound. Photo taken on Friday, 02 November 2012 at 02:33 PM.


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  1. okay lang man.. dili na sya gubot pero ang naka-lainon lang kay when we visited the cemetery las tnight, naa miy nakit-an nga buho nga nitso ba na, I don’t know the term pero murag lainon jud kay gibuhuan gud siya.. :O

  2. so far sa akong natan awan ok naman cya. organized na cya. d na maglisud ug sulod kay spacious naman kaso lang init kaayo nangawala naman ang mga kahoy nga gitanom.

  3. Well organized. Let’s understand that our brothers and sisters are still working to make it more peaceful and restfull looking. Let’s help plant some trees. Thanks.


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