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Map showing area of coverage of BGI drillings.


Photo courtesy FEDCO
Biliran Geothermal Concession. Photo courtesy FEDCO

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  1. BGI is not transparent with the public relative to its activities conducted in the mountain areas in Bliliran province like the H2S poisoning incident that happened in June this year in one of the BGI’s well pads.

  2. ayaw mo pag binasulay kung may dakong trahedya na mo abot sa Biliran.

    DENR, mabayran ra na, labi na ang ma politiko.

    May insik pa dha naka pahimulos sa BGI.

  3. You have a beautiful island. Ang mga pilipino na kampi sa geothermal expansion don’t leave there, but you do and if they do, it is because they are working for them. The truth is, the population is getting bigger and you need more space for housing and clean water. Water is used by geothermal plants. Your water quality and quantity will be affected kasi they use alot of water. Here is an excerpt from ” Land subsidence, a phenomenon in which the land surface sinks, is sometimes caused by the removal of water from geothermal reservoirs. Most geothermal facilities address this risk by re-injecting wastewater back into geothermal reservoirs after the water’s heat has been captured.
    Hydrothermal plants are sited on geological “hot spots,” which tend to have higher levels of earthquake risk. There is evidence that hydrothermal plants can lead to an even greater earthquake frequency [9]. Enhanced geothermal systems (hot dry rock) can also increase the risk of small earthquakes.”

  4. Prostitution is also booming and rampant here in Biliran because of the Icelandic Foreigners, Orka, Biliran Geothermal Inc, Fedco, GGC, …

  5. and here it goes. applying for expansion of the drilling operations? wow, nice idea huh! lot of people will be displaced once this is approved. kindly check the geothermal block of BGI, almost half of the island is covered. asa naman tawun mamuyo ani ang mga tawo, labi na ang naa sa mga apektadong lugar. mamuyo na lang ta ani sa manila ug maingon man gani!

  6. The BGI has changed its management recently after it was help stabilized by Biliranons who previously managed it.There was also a proposal by the new management to buy their own vehicles instead of renting from private individuals.

    How many percent of the Biliranons were employed in BGI?

    How true that BGI rented P3,500 per day for each private vehicle hired and that they were owned by political allies of the present administration here in Biliran province?

    How much also is the monthly rental of BGI of the entire facility of Biliran Garden Resort (BGR)?

  7. So hungry for more, gitagaan na gani ug tsansa nga makatukod diha ug ingon ana,mohangyo pa jud expansion? Unta maka realize sad na sila unsa ang damage nga ghatag ana sa Isla sa Biliran,like baha nga wala pa mahitabo sukad. OO tinuod natagaan ug trbaho ang mga tawo,mao lage pd ”color coding” nga gtawag. Bahala nas Batman sa inyu,kanang naa sa poder nga ni allow niani. There is always pros and cons in everything we endeavor.Balanseha pod tawon ninyu ug maayo.Yaw lang nang inyung mga bulsa patambuka, atimana sad kaming mga katawhan. Me gtawag rabang ‘karma’.

  8. unsa may gamit sa atong mga official? wala namam ka pugong? nabayran naman tingali?

    calling Msgr Bactol, Msgr Marvin, Fr Benjie. Fr Tony…..

    dili nato togotan na gub on ang bukid sa Tres Marias and Palayan Almeria

  9. Industrialization spoils a natural setting and beauty of an island like our beautiful, scenic Biliran Island. Geothermal drilling is the beginning or may be one of it, the rest will follow. Any attempt of industrialization should have a so-focused feasibility study otherwise we will be caught unaware from behind and what is left of the island is ruined, like environmental pollution, water pollution and air pollution some of the effect is irreversible. The ecosystem would be in great chaos for instance a polluted river, there are fish species from the sea that lays eggs or breed in the upstream of the river, like salmon for instance is one of that kind. Polluted river will not only block the propagation of this kind of specie but likewise the rest, not only freshwater species but from the seawater as well, later will bring forth total extinguishment of these species and the ecosystem is ruined and bring forth domino effect to mankind. I’m not scaring anyone but that is a reality no one can avert. We should not let our guard down. Industrialization is not bad only the consequences if not seriously considered, Japan for instance is a good example of harmonious industrialization…thanks…


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