Dalutan Island, Brgy. Talahid, Almeria, Biliran.
Dalutan Island, Brgy. Talahid, Almeria, Biliran.

Lani Tupaz
PIA Biliran

NAVAL, Biliran – Cognizant of the resources of the municipality and limits of his three-year term in office, Almeria Mayor Richard D. Jaguros resolves to focus on tourism and agricultural development in the municipality.

Mayor Jaguros disclosed, in his first month in office, he coordinated with the regional agriculture office to evaluate their agricultural environment and conduct trainings on organic farming.

Among his beneficiaries for trainings on organic farming are the Mamanwa tribe, indigenous people (IPs) of Manobo descent, who migrated to the mountains of Brgy. Caucab some 25 years ago.

He also envisions giving these IPs trainings on indigenous product development to make their local products more marketable.

As the municipality’s support to the agriculture sector, seeds and fertilizers were distributed to farmers.

Ducks (“itik” in the Cebuano dialect) were also dispersed for balut production, according to Mayor Jaguros.

Local products were launched Thursday, September 1, the town’s 68th Charter Day, to showcase organic and locally grown agricultural products.

The municipality is holding a weekly market day or (“tabo” in the local dialect) on Wednesdays in their municipal covered court to provide market to their farm products and cater to needs of local consumers.

However, the new set of officers of the municipal tourism council plans to re-schedule the “tabo” to Sundays in time for churchgoers coming out from mass attendance.

Meanwhile, plans were laid for the rehabilitation and development of a number of tourist spots from the 20 identified tourist destinations in the municipality.

Development of said tourist destinations will remain to be environment- friendly and will never destroy nature, Mayor Jaguros emphasized.

Ulan Ulan Falls, Brgy. Sampao, Almeria, Biliran.
Ulan Ulan Falls, Brgy. Sampao, Almeria, Biliran.

The identified tourist destinations in the municipality of Almeria include Bagongbong Falls, and Ulan-Ulan Falls of Brgy. Caucab; Kinaraha Cascades, Recoletos Falls, and Sampawan Falls in Brgy. Sampao; and Pondol falls in Brgy. Iyusan. The VRC Resort, Agta Beach Resort, Talahid Beach Resort, El Ecalla Beach Resort, and Paradizu Bay View Resort in Brgy. Talahid; and Redstone Ville Beach Resort in Brgy. Pulangbato.

Other identified tourist spots are the Dalutan Island in Brgy. Talahid; Capiñahan Island in Brgy. Poblacion; Tuburan Spring in Brgy. Tabunan, Rice Terraces in Brgy. Iyusan, Church Cathedral in Brgy. Poblacion, the Serena in Brgy. Looc, Bethany Hills in Brgy. Caucab; and the Indian trees along the highway in Daro, Brgy. Poblacion. # (FJ/mlt/PIA8 Biliran)

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