Bringing potable water to communities

Rodrigo S. Victoria
PIA Biliran

NAVAL, Biliran – “I’m still nine years old way back in 1959 when I used a whole piece of bamboo called lakob in the Cebuano dialect used in gathering coconut wine where I still have to cross the other side of the river just to fetch drinking water,” recalled Mano David Paanod, a resident of Barangay Libtong in Naval, Biliran.

Mano David made his testimonial during the turn-over ceremony of ram pump project in October 4, 2016, to Barangay Libtong, an upland barangay situated almost five kilometers away from Naval town proper.

The children now in our barangay will enjoy easy access to potable drinking water right at their doorsteps through the installed water tap stands in the heart of the community, Mano David said in his testimony.


Barangay Libtong ram pump project, was started in May 13, 2016 and was finished on August 31, 2016, can provide 24,685 liters or 123 drums per day to serve the water needs of 175 households plus bonus water filter given to each household.

“It is part of corporate social responsibility to give back to the communities,” said Monina P. Pacheco, Coca-Cola Foundation Philippines project officer for environment in her message during the turn-over.

Pacheco was with some officials and members of the Rotary Club of BiliranIsland led by Atty. Mario Lydinno R. Opena, the NGO partner in the ram pump water project implementation and with some officers and community development facilitators of Alternative Indigenous Development Foundation Incorporated (AIDFI) led by Jose Moven Ligahon, project coordinator on AGOS Project, the ram pump project implementer.

Pacheco emphasized that Coca-Cola Foundation, which poured funding to ram pump projects not only to communities in the Philippines but also in identified communities in other parts of the world where accessibility to potable water supply is a big problem, uses water in the production of its products and is just paying back to communities through ram pump water projects.

She also reminded the people of Barangay Libtong led by Barangay Captain Judy Espregante, barangay council members and the officers and members of Libtong Water System Association to take care of the ram pump water project and the environment where the source of water comes from.

As of the first week of October, four other ram pump water projects with its production capacities, households served and corresponding water filters, were distributed as follows: October 5, 2016 – Barangay Villacaneja- 30, 240 liters or 151.2 drums per day, 182 households and 182 water filters; October 6, 2016 – Barangay Cabungaan-28,080 liters or 140.4 drums per day, 99 households and 103 water filters; October 7, 2016 – Barangay Caray-Caray- 53,300 liters or 267 drums per day, 274 households and 274 water filters where some are given to Naval School of Fisheries, Caray-Caray Elementary School, Caray-Caray Day Care and health centers; and October 8, 2016 – Barangay Catmon comprising of Sitio Baras – 20, 064 liters or 130 drums per day, Catmon proper-174,629 liters or 873 drums per day, Sitio Puro -18, 245 liters or 91 drums per day and Sitio MocalBocal- 41,702 liters or 208 drums per day serving 334 households with 334 water filters.

Coca-Cola Foundation is also contemplating funding other ram pump water projects in other towns in Biliran province with still the Rotary Club of BiliranIsland as partner in the community in the project implementation.

Truly, Coca-Cola Foundation stands on its corporate social responsibility in partnership with the Rotary Club of BiliranIsland in bringing potable water to communities. (FJ/rvictoria/PIA Biliran) # PartnerForChange

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