Naval Port

Prof. Rolando Borrinaga

The fact is that there are no more passenger-cum-cargo boats plying the Cebu-Naval route for sometime now, and this situation will likely become permanent sooner or later for strictly economic reasons. Ask the management of Roble Shipping. Thus, this infrastructure is fast becoming a white elephant, like what had happened to its equivalent RORO (roll-on, roll-off) port in Maripipi Island.

Given this reality, the 220-meter long wharf on the Port of Naval is idle and empty on many days, when it is not used by pure cargo boats that occasionally dock here. In the past, the Naval wharf had served a socio-cultural function for the townspeople. This place was their promenade, their virtual park, where they would gather in the afternoons to watch the now-famous Sunset in Biliran and during moonlit evenings, or to engage in hook-and-line fishing as pastime (some get a good catch here). The presence of docked boats and cargoes stacked on the wharf did not matter and were not a bother. But then the Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) installed a metal gate and closed the wharf to the general public around 2005.

In the past, I echoed some suggestion to friendly local officials to petition with the PPA for limited and scheduled promenade access to the Naval wharf. This does not have to be free; some sort of entrance fee can be collected for the purpose. But the suggestion did not get fair hearing, precisely because the passenger boat traffic (twice a week at most) was still in operation. However, this time without the official cover, I suppose the new municipal administration can succeed with a new appeal to the PPA.

I used the word promenade, because it is the exact translation of the western word for pasyadahan. Never mind if many high school kids still do not clearly understand the meaning and significance of the “prom” word in their JS Prom, where they are required to participate, in their best clothes.

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  1. Nanghinaot unta me nga mangita ug paagi si Mayor na ma abrihan na ug balik sa public ang pantalan sa Naval. Mao ra na among suruyanan.

  2. Mao bitaw sa kadugay sa panahon kadtong bata pako wala man maka isturbo ang mga namasyada sa pantalan sa mga nangabot nga mga kargameyento gkan sa barko..sauna maka abot pako sa kinatumyan sa pantalan pero kadtong ning highschool nako wala na. Karon laay nag naval mingaw.. Maayo untag matagaan ug pagtagad kini sa munisipyo


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