Naval Mayor Gerard Espina teaches the pupils of Naval Central School how to use the school monitoring system.
Naval Mayor Gerard Espina teaches the pupils of Naval Central School how to use the school monitoring system.

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Published 11:56 AM, November 13, 2019

Naval, Biliran – It seems that the Local Chief Executive of the capital town of Naval, Biliran will never be left out of new innovations. Some are new to his employees at the Local Government Unit while others are for the general public.

This week, another innovation Mayor Espina wants to implement in his town is for the parents to insure that their children are in school. He is set to launch the Student Monitoring System at the Naval Central School. The kiosk is built by the LGU using local funds along with the machine which was also made by the IT staff of the LGU.

The kiosk will contain a machine that will read the pupil’s ID once it is placed into its launching pad. The parents will immediately receive a text message coming from the machine indicating the pupil has entered the school.

Also aside from informing the parents that their children are in school, the machine will also send them information when the LGU declares suspension of classes during bad weather or any calamity that might come. This will also insure that the children should not go to school because the machine will send them the information at the very moment that the suspension of classes is ordered.

In a telephone interview, Mayor Espina said that the main objective of this innovation is to assure the parents that their children are not picking guavas outside the shool premises but are indeed attending classes. He said that this system also will make pupils go to school and attend their classes, because if their parents will not receive a text message from the machine this means they did not go to school. He added that because the school has security officers, he assured that once the pupils are inside the school premises they are only allowed to come out once classes have ended.



The 34 year old bachelor mayor continued that an IT company has offered them to provide the system that includes the kiosk and the machine for P1 million. But his IT team from the LGU informed him that all materials for the machine are available in the internet and they have knowledge in building the system, thus he accepted the offer of IT team from the LGU and completed this last week. He added that there are more than 1,800 pupils at the Naval Central School. Including the IDs that the monitoring system machine will read, the LGU will only spend P350, 000 for about 70% difference from the offer of the IT Company.

He said that the LGU is hoping that this innovation will be an inspiration to all LGUs. He said they will continue to introduce new programs and approaches not only in education but it other areas as well.

“Rest assured that we will expand the student monitoring system to other schools, especially in high schools if this becomes a success,” he stressed.

In March this year, Mayor Gerard Roger Espina issued Office Memo No. 1, Series of 2019 which banned employees to play Players Unknown Battle Grounds (PUBG) and Mobile Legend games during office hours. In the said order Mayor Espina stated that he received information disclosing that a significant number of employees are playing their mobile phones and computers during office hours, and reminding the employees that playing this game is not part of their responsibility, and obligations as public service. Mayor Espina warned them that employees caught playing mobile games during office hours will be terminated. On Friday, Mayor Espina opened up a new endeavor that will ensure the parents that their child is inside the school. –


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