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Published 7:00 AM, November 15, 2019

Naval, Biliran – There are 6,510 out of 15,075 examinees passed the Civil Engineer Licensure Examination given earlier this month, the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) announced.

New Civil Engineers of Biliran Province State University (BiPSU) with 71.11% passing percentage over the national passing of 43. 18%.

33 passers from BiPSU:

1. Baconawa, Ladylle R.
2. Balloso, Lea V.
3. Barantes, Reinhard P.
4. Bual, Celine Mae A.
5. Cerera, Leonie P.
6. Colita, Reynalyn R.
7. Copino, Pianca Camille B.
8. Dela Cerna, Dan Raymond U.
9. Ducay, Kiddy M.
10. Ebajan, Cristy M.
11. Ebron, Jovy D.
12. Evangelista, Mitzi Rose O.
13. Francisco, Mariel Gwen G.
14. Macabago, Mohammad Amin L.
15. Madeja, Giordann A.
16. Marientes, Sunny Jr. S.
17. Merez, Julie Ann T.
18. Montes, Ria Ann S.
19. Napoles, Letty Amor G.
20. Onrejas, Joanne B.
21. Paculan, John Anthony
22. Palconit, Maria Elena L.
23. Pepito, Jemuel A.
24. Perez, Clint Dave A.
25. Potot, John Dave R.
26. Sabagkit, Celene Joy R.
27. Sabenorio, Vhea Marie C.
28. Sabocojan, Dhan Niño S.
29. Sarsosa, Mary Joy T.
30. Suson, Kenneth D.
31. Tumbiga, Albert S.
32. Umpacan, Rizza Christy S.
33. Uy, Abegail A.

National Passing Percentage – 43.18%
BiPSU Passing Percentage (1st Takers) – 71.11%
BiPSU Passing Percentage (Repeaters) – 11.11%
BiPSU Passing Percentage (Over-all) – 61.11%

SUCs Eastern Visayas Ranking in the November 2019 Civil Engineering Board Exam
SUCs Eastern Visayas Ranking in the November 2019 Civil Engineering Board Exam

Civil Engineering Board Exam November 2019

Topnotcher: Lou Mervin Tristan Pua Mahilum from
University of San Carlos (USC), 93.25%

Top Performing School: Carlos A. Hilado Memorial State College – Talisay, 98.00% Passing Rate


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