First Posted 10:34PM 5/26/2020

UPDATE (May 31, 2020 1PM) Suspect in the hacking-killing in Caibiran surrenders

Police Lt. Vic R Viros of the Caibiran Police Station identified the suspect as Jesus Corpin y Rosete, 42, farmer and resident of Brgy. Union. His victim was Arnold Pilapil y Dailino, 38, also from the same barangay.


Caibiran, Biliran — A farm laborer was stabbed to death by a fellow farm laborer during a misunderstanding after drinking too many about 9:45 in the evening on Monday night (May 25) in Brgy. Union here.

Caibiran COP Police Lt. Vic Viros identified the victim as Arnold Pilapil y Dialino, 38, married, farm laborer and a resident of the said barangay. The suspect was identified as Jesus Corpin y Rosete, of legal age, farm laborer and a resident of the said barangay also.

A witness identified as Jefferson Mangubat, legal age, during initial investigation conducted by the local police disclosed that the suspect and the victim along with several other farm laborers namely Primo Toleroso, and Mario Verutiao and the witness himself were planting rice seedlings at the rice paddy owned by Nickie Verunkie. After receiving the payment for their labor in the planting about 4:00 in the afternoon on Monday, the group decided to have a drinking spree at the house of the suspect and consumed 3 bottles of Mallorca and 2 bottles of Siok Tong. The witness said that at 5:00 in the afternoon they transferred their drinking session at the house of the victim.

The witness Mangubat remembered that at the midst of their drinking session the suspect opened his problem about her 17 yr old daughter who was brought to Manila by the daughter of the victim to look for a job. But the witness believed that after the victim drinks too many he seems to be not listening to the story of the suspect that got his ire.

At 9:30 Toleroso and Verutiao left the house of the victim and went to their respective houses also followed by the suspect leaving the already sleep victim and the witness rested on the opposite stall from where the victim sleeps.

Mangubat continued that about 9:45 in the evening, the suspect returned to the house of the victim bringing with him a long bolo that later pulled this out from the scabbard and without any hesitation hit the victim several times in different parts of his body.

Mangubat told police that he was shocked to see the suspect hacking the victim causing him to fell from where he was sleeping. The witness told police that he tried to move away and ask the suspect what had the victim done to him?

But the suspect told him not to intervene because you have a family.

The suspect immediately fled from the crime scene and eluded arrest.

The local police is conducting a manhunt operations against the suspect who is reportedly hiding in the hinterlands of this town.

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