ABS CBN as of 12/29/2007

A former missionary in Biliran, Leyte has accused the bishop of Naval town of sexually molesting boys.

Ging Reyes, ABS-CBN News North America bureau chief, reported that Stephen Michael Greinke, an ex-missionary who worked for the diocese of Naval in the Visayas, said he has been calling for the ouster of Catholic Bishop Filomento Bactol for the last seven years.

Greinke alleged that Bactol abused his power and sexually molested young boys.

“I lived with the bishop at his palace. And at night he would have young men sleeping in his bedroom – kids who were under the age of 16 sleeping with him at night. Again I thought that was very inappropriate and it became very ‘gossiping, chismoso, around about the bishop’s behavior with the children,'” Greinke told Reyes.

Greinke said he has written a sworn statement to detail his allegations. Copies of the testimony was given to the Vatican, American bishops and Manila Archbishop Gaudencio Rosales.

He, however, admitted he never saw Bactol actually molesting the boys whom the priest invited to sleep with him in his bed.

“I never saw anything inappropriate. I did not see the bishop sexually molest (the boys). But the doors would be closed, his bedroom doors would be closed and the young men would be sleeping inside the room,” the ex-missionary said.

Greinke said he confronted Bactol about this and the bishop told him: “Brother I cannot sleep, I need to have the boys with me.”

Bactol invited Greinke to set up a community of brothers in Biliran in 1991. But Greinke said he did not get any support from the diocese.

“Lack of support totally. And the only way we could get him to come out and visit our monastery was bribing. I brought out chalices from America, I brought out chalices or vestments so he could come out and say mass for our monastery,” Greinke said.

In 1993, Greinke was arrested for allegedly sexually molesting members of their congregation. The charges were later dismissed by the human rights commission.

Greinke also faced deportation after several complainants surfaced and accused him of being a pedophile in 1999.

He said the complaints were merely in retaliation for criticizing Bactol.

In March 2000, the former missionary voluntarily left the Philippines. He is now on the list of blacklisted aliens.

Though Bactol refused to comment on the charges, a spokesman of the diocese denied Greinke’s accusations. “These accusations are all lies…the bishop is very very angry…the crimes this Greinke is accusing the Bishop of are the same accusations against him,” the spokesman said.

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  1. It is very clear from the above news that this Stephen Michael Greinke is hallucinating based on his own personal opinion of himself. He cannot conceive to himself that a minor would be able to sleep in his room unscathed.

    The best thing this Stephen Michael Greinke should have done is to interview these young boys and gather their own statements to support his hallucinations.

    As of this time, he is simply dreaming to his wishes.

  2. Sólo quería decir tres cosas. Las seguientes son:

    1.) Hemos de encomendar mucho a nuestro hermano Stephen Greinke que está en mal camino; el camino de la mentira. Que el Señor le ilumine y le dé la gracia necesaria para que se encuentra el verdadero camino.

    2.) De igual manera, hemos de encomendar mucho a nuestro querido Obispo, Monseñor Filomeno Gonzales Bactol, para que el Señor le dé la gracia y la fortaleza en medio de estas accusaciones.

    3.) Por último, a mi me parece que no hay nada que temer. Ya sabemos quein está deciendo la verdad y quein está deciendo la mentira. Veritas nos liberavit! (The truth will set us free!) ¡ Feliz Año Nuevo a todos!

  3. The malicious and blatant attacks conducted by Steve Greinke on Bishop Filomeno Bactol seem to demonstrate Greinke’s obsession for the ultimate destruction of the good name of Bishop Bactol.

    Further, the continued use of the following label on his website:

    MBPH Brothers
    Society of the Missionary Brothers of Perpetual Help – Naval,Biliran,Philippines – Ogden,Kansas, USA

    is a fraudulent intention to create the impression that MBPH in Naval still exists. Legal documents show that MBPH Naval has been officially dissolved on the
    10th of July 2003 and as such no reference should be made to its existence. It maybe existing in the U.S. but definitely,non- existent in Naval or Biliran Province for that matter.

    It is a cause for concern specially the charter of MBPH allows its officers to conduct fund raising activities by way of soliciting donations, benefactors and other revenue related activities to supposedly fund their missionary activities in Biliran Province.

    Steve Greinke must remove any indication or link with the dissolved or defunct MBPH in Naval, Biliran Province, Philippines and the misleading use of the names and statements of leading Church luminaries to support his arguments against Bishop Bactol.

    Moreover, Steve must come out clean on the issue of the pedophilia case lodged in the court and was the basis for his blacklisting in the Philippines Department of Immigration.

    Steve should also correct the impression that he voluntarily left the Philippines as documents and series of events would show that he pre-empted the deportation order by secretly leaving the country.

    In as much these intricate webs of allegations will not be resolved on this website, I suggest that Steve goes back to the Philippines and address the issues on the proper courts of jurisdiction or before the Catholic Church authorities.

    I further enjoin Steve and his officers to cease and desist from using Naval, Biliran Province, Philippines as supposedly a branch of their missionary work to eliminate the suspicion that these attacks on Bishop Bactol is just a smokescreen for a continuing fund raising activities.

    Finally, I would like to issue a stern warning to potential donors and benefactors of MBPH that, MBPH is Naval Biliran Philippines was officially dissolved in 2003 and there is no missionary activities conducted as such. The only continuing activity is Steve Greinke’s presence in this website which is solely intended to demolish the good name of Bishop Bactol and in the process, bring the name of Naval Biliran Province, Philippines to disrepute.

    I have posted these comments at the website of MBPH.
    I expect him to publish the post. Failure of Steve Greinke to publish my comments will indicate that he is not serious about discussing the issues and as such, will confirm the veracity of my post.

  4. Morag illegal ning gibuhat ni S.G. kung sige pa siya ug fund-raising para sa MBPH kung gi dissolve na ning iyang organisasyon.

    Pero mas illegal ug immoral pa gyud kung dunay kuwarta gikan kang Puta Talkative nga gipadala kang Darna aron gamiton sa mga programa sa radyo aron dauton si Bishop Bactol ug ang mga kaparian sa Biliran. Mao bitaw nga nagsugyot ko dinhi sa blogs nga ipa imbestigar gyud ni sa mga awtoridad didto sa Amerika.

  5. Anonymous 3
    KKB 4

    Your post is very enlightening and need to be acted upon immediately. I will use all possible resources to unmask Steve Greinke by posting on this blog documentations and photos that will confirm the real motives behind Greinke’s attacks on Bishop Bactol.

    My sources reveal that Greinke has been sending taped messages that have been read on Radyo Natin on a regular basis. The continuing use of the label MBPH Naval Biliran as you have indicated, is indeed illegal and has fraud written all over it. This will supposedly create the impression that MBPH in Naval is still existing and is undertaking missionary work. This will justify a continuing fund raising activity.

    I have visited MBPH website and had a look at some of those documents posted. I will have those documents validated by supposedly the source if there were attempts to plagiarize the media releases to suit Greinke’s accusations. Since Greinke moderates his blog, neither comments nor reactions were visible on his site. As such, the site is only one way and purposely and sole set up to attack Bishop Bactol.

    We have to put a stop to all this madness. Truth needs to come out. The last thing we need is to bring the name of Bishop
    Filomeno Bactol and the Catholic Church, and Naval, Biliran Province to disrepute

    We have a great deal of work to do.


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