Tinago Falls before it was ruined by the guardhouse
gerryruiz: Tinago Falls before it was ruined by the “guardhouse”. This was the view of Tinago Falls before it was obstructed with the construction of a lifeguard watch tower right smack in the center of the photo. We hope authorities would reconsider and remove said structure which has effectively ruined an otherwise spectacular view of the Tinago Falls.

Tinago Waterfalls now
Prof. Rolando Borrinaga. TINAGO BLOCKED. When will we ever learn? Last March, the webmaster visited Tinago Falls in Caibiran together with a group of appreciative Japanese visitors and took unblocked shots of this tourist attraction. Goodbye to the natural view shown above. The Biliran Provincial Government has already erected a Freudian phallus, a concrete and metal-structured kiosk (see inset at the top left corner) on the rock in the foreground. The decision for this desecration was certainly made in Naval, by some officials (present and previous) who could not seem to refrain themselves from raising and waving their middle finger, if only because they could not shout “p.tang ina ninyo!” at the Biliran public. The Tinago Phallus is an apt symbol of this contempt.

Grandstand in Tinago Waterfalls
PinoyIsip: Grandstand in Tinago Waterfalls. I dont get it. Buildings are made first before the roads are concreted. Is it supposed to be the other way around? With the fully-paved roads, visitors both foreign and local can go to this nice place rain or shine. Then the local merchants can sale their wares/mementos right now -rain or shine- to the influx of visitors.

What are the buildings for anyway?
Can someone enlighten somebody?

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