First Posted 18:00:00 12/30/2014
Last Updated 19:14:00 12/30/2014

BILECO Power Update:

Around 7p.m. today Dec. 30, 2014, the power supply has been restored in all area coverage of BILECO.

As of 5:15 pm Dec. 30, 2014, NGCP line crew is still working for the replacement of the toppled structure between Lemon-Biliran line section. Because of the terrain, restoration activity was a challenging one. No estimated time of restoration yet, but NGCP is determined to restore the power as soon as possible.

NGCP is yet to issue an advisory later this afternoon re: power outage in the entire area coverage.

30 Dec 2014 NGCP MEDIA ADVISORY. NGCP is working to restore transmission service to BILECO, LEYECO V’s Sambulawan Substation and DORELCO’s Javier Substation. Works are ongoing to replace toppled 69kV structure 14-E along the Lemon-Biliran line. LEYECO III and DORELCO’s Tolosa Substation were re-energized at 12:38PM today after the repair of the Milagro-Tunga-Tolosa line section was completed (end)

BILECO Update as of 9:00 AM:
NGCP identified a toppled structure (14-E) along Lemon-Biliran line. Restoration effort is on-going.

#SeniangPH At 2:27 am, Dec 30 2014 the area coverage of BILECO lost power . Affected was the Milagro Tunga 69KV line.

#SeniangPH Strong winds and rains now experienced in Biliran. And a brownout just occurred.


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