By: Biliranon

Starting today, May 11, we begin counting sans contemplating our conscientious choice for our next set of leaders, starting from the top which is the president of our country down to a town councilor, as the 1987 Constitution sets the conduct of regular election every second Monday of May.

Every election is always crucial because it defines what kind of leaders we will have in the next six years at the national level and three years in the case of the local level after June 30, 2016.

Their term of office is too short a time for a good leader but too long for a bad one, thus, we deserved the kind of leadership we have after we finally shade their names in the ballot.

If how long is the time given for us to choose for our leaders yet that’s how too short we decide based on so many considerations at the last minute as political patronage and the presence of guns, gold goons affects our choice.

Others decide based on the several digits of pesos enough for a day’s windfall of financial fortune which in effect we elected leaders who are tempted to lie, steal and rob in whatever way he can just to recover one’s big investment of money.

Some of us decide because of some great deceptions like having lead in poll surveys, name recall with the use of good and bad publicities and endorsements from the business, political and religious lobby groups which in the end we choose leaders running the country with their business, political and religious cronies also with their side in almost every affairs of government.

In most cases, we abdicate our suffrage like a total surrender of our enshrined right embodied in the Constitution which made us an inutile sovereign, thus making democracy lose its meaning and reverted to “opt the people, buy the people, poor the people” instead of “ of the people, by the people for the people”. In this case, we expected a country run like hell where a Sodom and Gomorrah-like status would most likely doomed the people.

But how well do we choose our country’s next president?

Are we going to elect a president because he leads in poll surveys plus the series of investigations akin to him which greatly contributed for a name recall? Are we going to elect a president because of her father’s family name plus the much talked anointment from the incumbent president and endorsement from big business tycoons? Are we going to elect a president who hails from an elite political family with full backing from the dominant political party and a possible endorsement from the incumbent president which decision also depend much on the solid support of his party mates and the latest poll surveys? Are we going to elect a president who is known to implement discipline with an iron hand as a local chief executive and vowed to eliminate graft and corruption, illegal drugs and other nefarious activities prevailing in the country at present?

How about at the local level? How well do we choose our communities’ next set of leaders, specifically in the island province of Biliran?

Are we going to elect leaders in our province based on established political families that have already made long marks in the hearts and minds of their thick and long lists of political wards backed up and flaunted with several figures of accomplishments? Or are we ready to elect set of fresh and new breed of political leaders who are willing to come out from their comfort zones and share their out-of-the-box ideas that could bring the real aspirations and dreams of the Biliranons for progress and development anchored on transparency, general welfare and priorities of the constituency and nurtured on God-fearing leadership and care for the environment?

Beginning today until the second Monday of May in 2016, is still a plenty of time to choose the next set of leaders for our country and our very own communities in the province of Biliran.

We have to bear in mind always that suffrage is one powerful right accorded to a citizen being enjoyed by every legitimate voter in just a single day and that is only on the second Monday of May next year.
Our final choice in an election would really make a big difference in the lives of our fellow countrymen and the country we dearly loved and the communities we loved to live for the rest of our lives.
The time to choose for our country and communities’ next set leaders starts now! # # #

Note: Biliranon is a pseudonym of a writer who wanted to institute changes in the lives of the Biliranons through series of articles that will be published in Biliranon expected that articles posted can solicit wholesome exchange of ideas and can bring development-oriented interactions. Biliranon also believed that a well informed and enlightened citizenry can further help strengthened the foundation of a nation. The ideas and commentaries in the published articles are solely that of the writer and the web administrator is not held liable whatsoever for any of the published articles.

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