Photos by Dwight Tan Inchoco, Staff
First Posted 17:40:00 01/09/2016
Last Updated 21:40:00 01/09/2016

Update: Injured during the Almeria road accident. Driver, BENJIE MADABOK SABONG, 29, back rider, RONEL ARAGO Y ROGELIA, 32. Both from Brgy. PS Eamiguel, Naval.
Almeria, Biliran – Vehicular accident along national highway in Brgy. Talahid, Almeria. Two seriously injured, riders of a motorcycle, now on the way to the Biliran Provincial Hospital BPH for treatment. They bumped into a Toyota Avanza.

The accident occurred around 4:40 p.m… Avanza, with plate number  ABN 7013 three months from purchase, owned by Daisy Sanoy of Matango, Almeria, Biliran.


The injured are workers of Ang Construction. The car is owned by the Sanoy Family from Brgy. Matanggo. Its passengers are unharmed but in shock.


Avanza-Motor-3 Avanza-Motor-2



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