By Jemima C. Torres
First Posted 08:45:00 PM 08/08/2019

NAVAL, Biliran – To further address the issues regarding child attendance, the Local Government of Naval is coming up with a program which includes an electronic student monitoring system for all public elementary and secondary schools, Mayor Gerard Espina announced in his Facebook post on August 2.

Via video message, he stressed that the plan will aid the education sector in “revolutionizing ways of ensuring our children will go to class and produce good results in their academics.”

“With SMS updates, the computer system will instantly text the parent [if]  their child is already inside the school once the electronic ID has been scanned at the kiosk,” he wrote in his caption.

With Naval Central School as pilot school, he looks forward to doing the same in the rest of the elementary schools around the municipality, before checking the possibilities of repeating the procedure to the secondary schools.

“We’re hoping that this will be done within this year, kung makaya natin na within the first 100 days ay mag implement po tayo ng ganitong programa,” he added.

He also emphasized that the budget for the project will be taken from the local government unit.

If successful, Naval Central School will be the first public school in Region 8 to implement the e- monitoring scheme. – 


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  1. THANK S Hopefully THIS SYSTEM will be installed!!!! As a foreigner I learned that the BILIRAN society, the education system, the justice system ARE NOT INTERESTED in the EDUCATION OF THE KIDS. The Biliran SOCIETY is still interesting IN THE PRODUCTION of BABIES # ” THE PHILIPPINES ARE THE FACTORY OF HUMAN LIFE” IT cant be that 12/13 Year old KIDS in Biliran going around PARTY, Fucking, Drinking, Internet playing, and the SOCIETY promote this!

    • Where did you get the data? You seemed to be very subjective with your idea. You have to be careful in disclosing information especially if the source is not reliable. You maliciously tarnished the image of the Biliranon kids. I really hate you so much for that!


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