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NAVAL, Biliran — In the wake of the brain-drain that is being felt in almost all professions in the country, Biliran Gov. Rogelio “Roger” J. Espina airs a critical lack for health workers who would be willing to practice their profession in rural areas — like at the Biliran Provincial Hospital (BPH) here.

Espina cited this critical need for health professionals during a recent interview on the “Radio Natin” program in this capital town.

He said that for example, most of our nurses don’t stay long at our hospitals because most of them would just work in provincial hospitals to get experience, and then they will travel abroad.

“More so with doctors, because even if they (doctors) don’t go abroad, urban cities like Metro Manila and Cebu are always greener pastures for them,” said the governor.

In the island province of Biliran, he said there are many doctors, but they don’t practice their profession in the province for the same reason.

“It is not fast and so easy to convince doctors to practice in the province, at our hospital,” he said.

The governor, who is also a doctor by profession, said this is one of the persistent problems at the Biliran Provincial Hospital – the lack of medical personnel.

Espina said that, at the moment, the BPH is in urgent need for a radiologist, because the provincial hospital has none.

He said patients who undergo X-ray and ultra-sound examinations at the BPH have to go to other diagnostic laboratories for the reading of the results by a professional.

“Although we have the equipment and other machines for such examinations, our problem is that we don’t have the licensed personnel to operate the machines,” Espina said.

The governor said that one of the urgent tasks now of the BPH administration is to look for qualified personnel – specially a radiologist from Cebu or from other metropolitan areas, and convince them to practice in Biliran.

He said that another possible solution, which is a long-term one, is to provide scholarships for doctors who would want to become a radiologist – where the province would provide the expenses of his/her specialization.

, but they would be under contract to serve at the provincial hospital.

Espina said that this is one solution they are now doing, but at the moment, there is no doctor-taker yet that can be convinced to specialize in radiology under the scheme.

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  1. Just an afterthought, while it may be true that ‘brain drain” is one of the reasons why our health sector is in practically in shambles, the lack of foresight and planning may also be contributory.

    This is clearly evident in the case of the medical equipments that the hospital cannot utilize because as the governor said there is no personnel. But I’m wondering, before procuring said equipments, did they not think of expertise needed to operate the equipment. This clearly shows that government tends to go into the habit of buying and procuring something without considering the other important aspects that goes with it. Does this mean that they bought the equipment just for the sake of buying it without taking into consideration whether someone will be available to operate it.

    i’m afraid this does not speak well of government leaders who lack planning, foresight and vision. This issue should have been addressed long, long ago.

  2. In that case the governor is only buying those equipments without use. kay para lang konohay ingnon nga naa na nga medical equipments tapos wala diay kabalo mo operate.
    So the best possible solution nga mo sponsor ang Government ug scholarship for Doctors nga mamahimong radiologist.
    Too late na nag usik usik gihapon ug dagkong kuarta sa government kay toa gi display ra ang equipment nga wala magamiti,ang butang nga deli gamiton is dali nga maguba.
    And why Gov.Rogelio “Roger”J.Espina a very complete name stated by Jack C.Cadaingan is purchasing those equipments?
    ang dapat unahon mag hire usa ug personnel nga knows how to operate isunod ang mga equipments.
    the salary based in the Ceties we can afford that Governor hospitals has a big funding.

  3. Wow! Buying those pieces of equipment without a duly licensed operator/doctor is a classic example
    of irresponsible attitude and decision.

    Just imagine how one man’s decision or indecision screwed up the whole province.

    Homewise, I did not buy a car for my own teenager son unless he passed the driver’s written and actual tests, and finally got the actual license. Other parents should be doing the same thing, decide responsibly, politicians not exempted, whether our
    actions and decisions in life are for good, just pride or just plain show off.

  4. I think it’s not yet too late for The governor to rectify this mistake.Why not hire somebody who knows how to operate those equipment. i don’t believe that no one knows how to operate those and for me it is not an excuse why those machine will just be put in one corner of the hospital gathering dust forever.

    it was bought for the people of biliran then why not put it into use.
    The goverment should try to find someone who will be qualified enough to operate those equipment. if the cannot find one in Biliran why don’t they extend searching someone in Leyte or Samar or Cebu to do it. or hire someone who knows to train the hospital personnel to operate those machines..

    hello… those machines are for people.. for masa.. they are not bought just to display them where your names are printed in there. Put into use in order to justify the reason why you buy them in the place.

  5. What? The Governor, a doctor by profession bought a useless equipment? I wonder how much was the overprice for that hospital equipment.

    Well, let’s not be surprised, it’s not only the province that’s been wasting the taxpayers’ money, the nation also bought a useless nuclear power plant, our very own fake GMA benefitted from the Fertilizer scam, the ZTE-NBN, and also don’t forget the Euro Generals.

    Hahaha! That’s how politics run our country kasi.

    Great work Gov. Espina! Keep it up. buy more hospital equipments and don’t forget to include your “patong” ha? Also, don’t buy the useful equipment, buy what’s useless, in that way your helping the poorest of the province, anyway come election day, you’ll gonna buy their votes like you used to do,di ba?

    Ang galing mo talaga Gov. Sana dumami pa ang lahi mo.


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