Riding in tandem shoots US citizen in Biliran
Riding in tandem shoots US citizen in Biliran

By BiliranIsland.com Staff
Published 6:40 PM, March 10, 2017
Updated 10:21 AM, March 22, 2017

BATO, Biliran, Biliran- A US citizen was shot to death by riding-in-tandem along the national highway in Biliran province late afternoon today, Friday, March 10.

Riding in tandem shoots US citizen in Biliran

Based on initial police report, the shooting incident happened around 3:35 p.m. along the highway of Barangay Bato, Biliran, Biliran.

The victim was still brought to Biliran provincial hospital for treatment but was declared dead-on-arrival by attending physician.

The victim was identified as Harvey Gene Abrams, a retired US Marine and a resident of Barangay Bato, Biliran, Biliran, the police report revealed.

Riding in tandem shoots US citizen in Biliran

The police report also stated that one live hand grenade was recovered from the crime scene.

Riding in tandem shoots US citizen in Biliran
Riding in tandem shoots US citizen in Biliran


According to Maria Aragon, 35 years old, the wife of the victim, in an interview with Biliranisland staff, they were going to Naval town to fetch their Grade VI pupil studying at Lightbringer when suddenly a new XRM Honda single motorcycle bearing a for registration plate with two riders wearing helmet and tattoed jacket emerged from the left side of the car driven by her husband and took a shot using a gun with silencer hitting the upper left arm which caused the death of her husband.

She told that the riding in tandem assailants came back and before the second attempt to shoot at them she said she maneuvered to disembark from the front seat and took cover at the rear seat of the car. She saw that the suspects fled away going to Naval.

Riding in tandem shoots US citizen in Biliran

She narrated that it took an hour before the police arrived for help since the motorists passing them did not even help them. She added that it was their service truck vehicle that was used in bringing the body of her husband to Biliran provincial hospital.

She further said that she suspected only two group of persons who might be responsible with the death of her husband and this can be traced to land disputes with these two groups. She told that these groups made prior threats to kill her husband by paying somebody to kill him.

Maria who is a resident of Caibiran said that they just celebrated their 13th year engagement anniversary last October of 2016. She also told that her husband who is from Portland, Oregon in US was serving as US Marines soldier for 33 years and went in Philippines in 2004 and stayed for good until the day he was shot. Abrams has 3 daughters and a son living in US, she added.

The remains of his husband was still at St. Peter funeral home in Naval waiting to be autopsied by SOCO.

DOA certification for Abrams.
DOA certification for Abrams.

The shooting of Abrams was the second case in Bilipan province perpertrated by riding in tandem. The first was that of Henk, a Dutch national living in Barangay Talustusan, Naval, Biliran who was gunned down at Sitio Dapdap in Barangay Agpangi, Naval while driving his car with his child on board on his way going to Naval. A police told that there was already a warrant of arrest issued by the court against the perpetrators of Henk, however, the suspects are still at large at present.

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  1. this type of thing needs to stop immediately, the people need to talk to police about what they know and police need to have tip line set up so people are not afraid to tell what they know.
    Life in jail for those who ride in tandem and 50 years jail for those who hire and pay them will discourage crimes such as this.
    But the investigations never lead to guilty parties, this must be corrected,and fast.

  2. i will offer 10,000php to information leading to arrest and conviction of those riding in tandem or those who hired them.

    anyone wishing to pitch in is more than welcome.

    • Well the Dr hired the two that shot my uncle Gene Abrams. Ani I will add 20,000 to gregs to anyone that can simply show me where the Dr lives. I won’t need any law

  3. for henks murder there is a reward around 250000php, i,m shure we will make the same for genes murder. info juve in juves place restaurant naval

  4. for this case like henks case its now 23.00 in the night. time for sleeping! education and skills of justice need maybe 30-50 years to improve!

  5. Difficult to change island mentality over night though we should be looking out for and helping each other so we can all enjoy a peaceful existence.

  6. I was thinking about moving to Biliran. He was from Portland which is near where I live now. Now I’m not so sure Biliran is such a smart idea.

  7. Question: Does anyone know the current status of this 8 month old crime? My friend expatriate retired Marine Gen Abrams was killed on March 10. On March 30, the driver/bodyguard of Biliran RHU physician Elenor V Briones was jailed for the killing of Abrams. He is 58 yr old Brgy Burabod Maximo Bacall. An RHU employee was a witness to the ordering of the killing. She executed an affidavit that she heard Dr. Briones talking to someone at around 10:00 a.m. that day, March 10, saying “Patya na si Abrams ug iyang asawa aron wala nay problema” (kill Abrams including his wife so there will be no more problem).” I’m informed that Briones has been terminated from the RHU because of her involvement in the killing. CAN ANYONE CONFIRM THAT AND PROVIDE DETAILS ?
    During the past decade accused Briones and shady Tacloban Hillario Trani (( https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100007891690247)) have continually been adversaries of Abrams in land disputes.
    I am hopeful that the guilty parties can be brought to justice.

    • seems we catched the gunman. he is jailed now…… hope we can bring him this week to NAVAL, to a safe place nobody can get him….

  8. there are now 2 warrant of arrests against DR ELLENOR V. BRIONES; DOMINADOR SASIL; and WILLIAM LANQUIDO. so we will wait when they are catched!!! and go to jail


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